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Transwoman from Bengaluru. Working as Vision System Engineer. As a journey in my life I am willing to create more awareness on social issues through writing. I love watching anime, listening to songs, driving and to play badminton & volleyball.

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In 2023 Gender-Pay Gap In India Stands At Appalling 27%
In 2023 Gender-Pay Gap In India Stands At Appalling 27%

India ranks a low 108th out of 153 countries in terms of gender pay gap, with women earning just 71% of what men earn. This disparity has a significant impact on the economic stability and growth of the country.

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Psychological Impact of Domestic Violence

If you find yourself in a place where there is no respect and trust for you it is an indication that you should come out of such a place and keep moving forward for a better future.

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Let’s Talk Of Constitutional And Legal Rights Of The LGBTQIA+ Community In India

There are Constitutional rights and legal rights that protect the LGBTQIA+ community in India. But how effective are these in real terms?

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