Goal Setting: Your First Step towards Success

To succeed in any sphere of work, goal setting is very important. Goal setting is no rocket science, it can be done in three steps.

To succeed in any sphere of work, goal setting is very important. Goal setting is no rocket science, it can be done in three steps.

Goal Setting- the word itself speaks a lot. Goals are the desires and dreams converted to reality. They are our plans which are in execution mode. Goals are can be broken down as SMART, which means:






In most of my workshops, I dedicate two hours for Goal Setting. Goal setting is not a rocket science. However doing it correctly is an art; I am enlisting the three steps of Goal Setting here:

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The very first step towards your goals is knowing what you want. A Goal is an end to our effort and hard work. When we realize we are going nowhere in life or perhaps just aimlessly applying to all the job postings and attending any and every interview, it should be taken as a wake-up call. Our priority should be to identify what we want. Being honest helps. I suggest you sit in a quiet corner of your house and list down a few ‘to do’ tasks. Always use ‘I am’ rather than ‘I will.’ Writing in present tense has a positive impact on our subconscious mind.

For example -I am a software engineer in a multinational company at XYZ package per annum.

List down a few others which you could relate to. Then re-read it and cross the ones which do not sound right to you. Repeat the exercise. The whole process gives you an idea of what exactly you want to be and how you see yourself.


Be precise and pragmatic. If out of the blue you decide to contest for Miss India and you have already crossed the age limit or do not meet their criteria then it is not a Goal. It is fantasy. Hence being real enough helps. Again we all know our strength, weakness, opportunities we have and threats we have to deal with. With all the external and internal environment which has direct effect on us, we should have a practical 360-degree approach.

Action Plan

What is an Action Plan? Is it a ‘To Do List’ which takes two minutes to write and perhaps is lost amidst other paperwork often? Action plan is a combination of ‘To Do List’ with a collection of data that is essential for us to attain the Goal which we have listed down. It can be a Map, Map to Success. A simple sheet of paper contains all the details in context to your Goal. You write down your goal. You list down the SWOT in context to the Goal which you have to achieve. Then give it a deadline. I suggest spending sixty minutes to do your research and make a plan of action.

“What are your goals? How do you approach them? Share in the comments section!”


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