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Founder@AngeTactile ( Angel Touch). Tarot Card /Angel Card reader. Image Consultant An Engineer by Education, Classical Dancer by passion and Writer by Choice. I am passionate about Educating Girls/differently abled children in India and from last Six year working towards it. My company AngeTactile is into holistic healing.Based out of Bangalore,Till date I have worked with more than two hundred individuals and take immense pride that AngeTactile has earned a name as a platform that accelerates 360 degree development in an Individual.

Voice of Sonal Jamuar

A Society That Brings Up Daughters To Dream Only Of Getting Married Has No Patience For My Being 30 And Single!

30 and single. I realized how much this is hated by society when 'well-wishers' called me up on my birthday and spoke only of my biological clock!

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Why Do I Need To Be Married To Be Settled?

Why does a woman have to be married to be settled? What is wrong in being an unmarried woman having a fulfilling life?

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Goal Setting: Your First Step towards Success

To succeed in any sphere of work, goal setting is very important. Goal setting is no rocket science, it can be done in three steps.

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Celebrating Life At 29

On our birthdays, let's not look back and count the years to weigh our happiness, but let's count our blessings and know what true happiness is.

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What Happened After I Got Rejected In The Arranged Marriage Market

Being rejected in the arranged marriage market is not the end of the world. Here's an account of living alone, living strong.

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1, 2, 3 Go! An Ode To Dance

One of the forgotten pleasures of our times is Dancing. Here's an ode to dance, and how it can make you healthy and happy!

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Buying Humiliation At The Arranged Marriage Market

The Arranged Marriage process is full of humiliation at the hands of suitors, and your own parents, says this incredibly thoughtful piece.

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Omerta: The Trend When It Comes To Child Sexual Abuse

Within families and homes, the determined silence on child sexual abuse is one reason it continues to happen.

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