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If It’s ‘Illegal’ To Separate A Man From His Parents, How Is It ‘Tradition’ To Separate A Woman From Hers?

Our society teaches a girl from her birth that one day she has to leave her parents' house and go with her husband to his house.

Our society teaches a girl from her birth that one day she has to leave her parents’ house and go with her husband to his house.

One more decision which showed this society that you can control women the way you want.

We women have no choice to do things in the way we wanted to do. We have to give proof of everything at every single point of time.

Recently, the Gauhati High Court has granted divorce to a man in Assam after observing that a woman’s refusal to wear the ritualistic sakha and sindoor signified her unwillingness to accept her marriage. (A sakha is a bangle made of conch shell; sindoor is vermilion.)

It was also stated in the man’s divorce petition that the woman tried to influence him to live separately from her in laws in a nuclear family.

Like, seriously?

If a woman is supposed to wear all this to give proof of her willingness to society and to her husband that she has accepted their marriage, then shouldn’t the man also wear something to show his willingness to their marriage? What proof does a man wear to show society that he is married?

So it seems as though a man is free to do whatever he wishes and no court will order him about what he can or cannot do in his marriage? Also, if a woman does not eat to stay with her in-laws, there must be a reason.

Every coin has two sides. Our society teaches a girl from her birth that one day she has to leave her parents’ house and go with her husband to his house. On the other hand a man is not supposed to leave his parents if her wife wishes or she has some issues with her in laws. To separate a woman  from her parents is ritual but to separate a man from his parents is opposed to law. WHY?

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Why should a woman make all the sacrifices?

Will this rule change if a girl is the only child of her parents and wishes to take care of them for their life time, and to be with them? Will her husband leave his parents and shift with her to take care of her parents?

Why is only a woman supposed to do all the sacrifices, leave her house, parents, childhood relationships, everything – to be with her husband and take care of his parents? When in return she gets almost nothing but a life full of responsibilities?

If her husband allows her to do something, then it is considered as her good fortune. Who gave her husband the right to ‘allow’ her to do things or to ‘refuse’ her? Does marriage gives a woman such rights?

Why is a man privileged in marriage and a woman only with responsibilities?

Image source: a still from the film Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

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