Marriage- Sooner is better- is it true ?

Scenario 1: One women after waiting for almost five years to get married to the love of her life. The man with whom she dreamt of her whole life. Finally the day comes when her dreams turns into reality. She gets married, have child with that man but then suddenly everything changes. That man’s behavior changes. No reason known. Her mother in law starts treating her in different way. She managed to tolerate after all he was love of her life. How can she let him go. But after getting irritated and when situation turns out of control, she leaves that house along with her son. But never imagined that one day she will judicially fight with love of her life for custody of their son !!!


Scenario 2: One girl falls in love in her college. She starts dating and enjoying that life until her parents get to know about that. As she belonged to a conservative family, love marriage was never an option for her. So her parents got her married to a man who agreed to marry with her with lots of Terms and Conditions. They agreed with all as they wanted to SAVE her daughter with that guy. One of the major condition was she will NOT BE ALLOWED to visit to her parents frequently. She can come once a year but that also her husband will accompany her. They agreed.

After marriage she moved to another city where her husband lived. Within an year they welcomed their daughter. Initially all went well but later on physical abuse started to happen. Again reason unknown. The matter went out of control and she had to come back at her home with her daughter, leaving her abusive husband and in laws house behind. Presently dealing with matter of separation legally.


So, is there any point why we new generation believe in concept of marriage. In both Love as well as Arrange, you see worth situation happens. When there is no point of tolerating when you are very well settled independently. Until and unless the partnership is with person you love, it is worthless. Why to waste precious life in judicial matters and sarcasm from society (even though that doesn’t matters as long as your family is with you ), when you can live your life happily by earning for you, taking care of your parents, fulfilling your long dream list, travelling world, owning your own home where no once can question your lifestyle and list goes on endless.

Is is always better to get into partnership late, than to regret later on….!!


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