Marriage Is Only A Part Of Life; It Can’t Define Anyone’s Whole Life…!

As per our society, a person’s life is only complete when they are married. And most importantly have a child within the time limit of the 'biological clock'.

There is a famous dialogue spoken by Sonam Kapoor in the movie Veere di Wedding which says: “Jitna bhi padhlo, graduation, post graduation par jab tak bh****** mangalsutra gale mein nahi lagta na tab tak life complete nahi hoti”. (No matter how much you educate a girl, until she is married, her life is not complete.)

It was also considered to be one of the best dialogues for the year 2018.

Our life is a bowl containing many things. Our childhood, our school, education, college life, graduation, post graduation, travel plans, solo trips,  job, marriage, child, and many more. But still people don’t understand that these are all aspects of life.

Marriage is not the be all, end all of life

As per our society, a person’s life is only complete when they are married. And most importantly have a child within the time limit as per their tick tock of ‘biological clock’.

What if the person wants to spend whole of their life independently? What is they get married at the ‘right age’ and their marriage fails? What if they want to get married when they get life partner of their own choice, irrespective of their age…may it be as young as 25 or as old as 45…, doesn’t matters to them? What if their marriage ends in divorce or separation? Then will these so called people of society to come and help?

Your life, your rules

It’s always better to have your life’s control in your hands. Have your own set of rules for your life. It’s your life, which you are going to have for only once, so have it fully in your hands. People are going to come, advise, or even going to put pressure on you to do things, and then you will be left alone to face the results.

As it’s very well said in the famous song, “Kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna” (People will talk, it’s their job to do so; ignore it). Let them. Take charge of your life in your own hands. Be responsible and take decisions for your own.

It’s time to normalize things, normalize people’s choice for their own life. Life is too short to take stress and also too short to find happiness. Be with people who loves you, surround yourself with positivity, do things which gives you happiness.

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It’s your life, be it in-charge and be responsible for your own decisions…!

Image source: a still from the film Bend it like Beckham

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