I Had To Get Married Because My Sister-In-Law Was Getting Married!

As the offer was good, they decided to get engaged for the time being and will wait for a few years to get married.

So today during my office lunch break I had a conversation with my colleague regarding our personal lives and how she manages to work even after the baby. She said that she is doing household chores since she was three years old.

There is nothing new in that. She is habituated to work because she had to support her mother on the days of her mother’s periods, she was not allowed to enter the kitchen, so she had to take charge.

She got an arranged marriage offer from one of her uncle, when she was twenty-two years old. As the offer was good, they decided to get engaged for the time being and will wait for a few years to get married.

The promise of a long engagement was pushed aside!

But then in two to three months into the engagement, her sister-in-law’s marriage was due as they had almost waited for five years after the engagement, and now they thought it was the right time to get married.

So as it was her fiancé’s sister’s marriage, in order to save cost and time, they decided to get both marriages done at the same time so that every guest doesn’t have to bother to come two times.

Her opinions were not even considered!

Today or after some time, she had to marry, so why not arrange and manage both the marriages together?

My colleague was not given any option, rather was emotionally manipulated, and she agreed to get married. Because of this, she was unable to do her master’s and is stuck in the married life.

She had not enjoyed her golden period of “Engagement to Marriage” because they hardly got two-three months.

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All because of the fact her sister-in-law was about to get married.

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