The Truth Of Indian Arranged Marriages

Your daughter in law is someone's daughter, raised with love and care, just like you raised your son. She deserves love as a right!

The world has advanced,

AI is ready to take over.

Change is the only constant you say,

Look at arranged marriages in India, they will never go away.

The so-called love and inter-caste weddings,

Are also finally arranged, with parents’ blessings.

Parents hold the sway in every Indian adult’s life,

Whether you are single or have a husband or a wife.

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Raising a child is the only investment they make,

They’ve raised you and now you must do everything for their sake.

And such parents when they become the great Indian in-laws,

They are the know-it all, they come without any flaws.

The boy has it easy!

Meeting the in-laws is fun and breezy.

The in-laws of the boy are forever indebted to him,

For marrying their daughter and bearing with her whims.

They almost revere him like a god,

Hang on to his words and in agreement nod.

The in-laws of the girl, on the contrary,

Feel like they’ve done a big favour to a girl so ordinary.

The girl, she faces the biggest obstacle course of her life!

She wonders why did she even become their son’s wife?

Their blue-eyed boy, their handsome prince,

Is one in a million, they believe, and boldly evince.

They’ve spent their life and livelihood in raising their boy,

The girl, they assume, was raised without books, food or any toy.

The educated girl, with a career of her own,

Must wilfully join their band in worshipping their son.

They dictate the terms of how they must live together,

When to sleep, when to wake up and what to do in every weather,

How to dress up, how much to eat,

How to cook, clean and keep everything neat,

When to start a family, how to respect elders,

Putting all accountability on the young girl’s shoulders.

While they just sit back, relax, and forever look displeased,

Forever make her realise what a big boon she has received.

After all, they’ve accomplished the most remarkable success,

They gave birth to a boy and that entitles them to give her distress.

They forget that the cycle of life is vicious,

So much prejudice in a new relationship can be pernicious.

What you sow is what you reap,

Disrespect cannot bring to you, eternal peace.

The daughter-in-law is somebody’s precious child,

Raised with love and not brought home from the wild.

She is deserving of all the love and care from her new family,

To make it a happy home and live happily.

It’s not her responsibility alone to maintain harmony and unity,

Treat her with respect and let her live her life with dignity.

The day the girl’s family and the girl are treated equally in an Indian wedding,

A lot more marriages will be successful and not be on the verge of failing!

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