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Beauty or Identity?

What is beauty?

A combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses.

What is aesthetics?

A theoretical concept based on perception.

Then why is there a common standard to define beauty which is merely a concept?

Everyone is in a mad rush to ape the latest trend and look beautiful.

No one wants to leave anything to the beholder’s perception…

Everyone just wants perfection.

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Perfect eyes, perfect, nose, perfect lips,

Long lustrous hair, good height,

Slender fingers and long legs,

Thin waist and…

In this mad rush of perfect existence,

We overlook the beauty which is purest.

Eyes deeper than oceans which bare the soul,

Rough hands that have toiled,

Skin as wrinkled as a raisin having lived a full life,

Enigmatic demeanour that’s the virtue of a private existence.

Laughter as free as bells ringing with no pretence.

Skin gleaming with the pride of self-belief and joy of self-love.

Standing tall with confidence and towering above.

Donning clothes that are simple and basic yet functional.

Barefoot or high-heeled, but down to earth and grounded.

Achieving significant milestones and holding one’s head high.

Honest, loving, and loyal,

Respectful, generous, and humble,

Resilient, Compassionate, and Grateful.

These are the purest and meaningful aspects of beauty one must strive for,

Instead of merely cloning a pretentious standard when you can be so much more.


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