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It is said in our scriptures – “Aham Brahma Asmi” – that is, I am Brahma. Within me, there are qualities and powers of our supreme creator. Whatever powers the creator possesses, I possess too. Whatever the creator can do, I can do too. This is a super mantra to live by if taken in the right spirit. It tells us that we can achieve everything if we put our mind to it. However, it in no way says that we are God. We shouldn’t be under the illusion that we can control the world, what it says is we can control ourselves and our destinies by our actions.

If we look back into history, there are innumerable women who have carved their own path and worked their way and created their own fate, believing in themselves and their inner power. They were ordinary women living an ordinary life. Sheer hard work, determination, grit and patience catapulted them to great heights and brought success to them. They did such great work that they will be remembered forever. Some of the new age, self-made Indian women who are reaching newer heights each day, are, Biocon founder Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Nykaa founder Falguni Nayyar, Sugr Cosmetics founder Vinita Singh, to name a few.

Some may argue that fortune plays a big part in a person’s success. To some extent, maybe, the fact cannot be denied, but it’s not only good luck that brings success or sustains it. Many a people born with silver spoons have gone downhill due to various reasons. We must understand, that fortune favors the enterprising, the responsible, and the diligent person. There is nothing that a hardworking and determined person cannot achieve if she puts her mind to it. One must stop waiting for a stroke of luck but create it on one’s own by continuously working towards their goal. There is no substitute for hard work in fulfilling one’s dreams. One must not give up or resign to obstacles and adversities on their path, but fight against them and inch closer to their objective and ambition. Those who rely only on good fortune are never successful. Striving, toiling, and sweating are the keys to open the floodgate of achievements and accomplishments.  Blaming misfortune is just an excuse for those who want an easy way out.

Then there are those who think with the aid of astrology they can get the right celestial blessings and alignments of stars and planets to get success. And if the astrologer says that the stars are not aligned, they just give up and settle into something else thinking it wasn’t meant to be. An industrious person on the other hand will decide her target and toil away, not bothering about the situations or circumstances, stars or planets or anything. They just remain focused on their target and wish to achieve it anyhow. There’s nothing wrong in having your own beliefs and superstitions, to each his own, but to rely on them to bring success on a silver platter is plain foolhardy.


Women especially walk on on a double edged sword, they need much more than stars aligning to get them where they want to be. But most important is self-belief and mental strength. With the help of these two qualities, a woman can manage any and every obstacle that hinders her growth. Armed with these two super powers, a woman can keep looking ahead and not be pulled down by unnecessary family or societal drama. A single moment of doubt or weakness can throw her into an abyss, getting back from which is very difficult, not impossible, but very difficult. So keep your head high, keep looking ahead, keep doing the best you can and let life unfold. Do not expect or wait for any support from anyone. If you get support and understanding, add it to your fortune bucket, but if you do not, do not let that stop you. Do not try to don the superwoman hat or cape and try to do it all and be disappointed. Just do the things you can, the things you like and want to and let other things sort out themselves. Just hold on tight to your self-belief and mental strength, do not let anyone or anything take that away from you, that’s the jewel that adorns you and will help you shine.

At the end, the point that I want to send across is, the more you work towards your goal, the closer it gets. The more excuses you give, further your goal goes. Take steps, albeit, at your own pace, no need to rush or compete against any entity except yourself, but steps you must take. It’s vital that you move, one step at a time. The path is not guaranteed to be smooth or a straight but you must keep moving, keep learning and keep moving ahead. There will be times when you might be pushed back, you might go down. Don’t lose hope, crawl your way back towards your goal. Someday you might feel that the goal is just around the corner and be ecstatic. Rejoice, but do not stop moving. Take in all the experiences and the emotions and keep moving. Learn, unlearn, relearn and keep moving. There are no shortcuts to success, so get on that path and work your way towards it!


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