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Forwarding Retreat: A Poem About A Writer’s Retreat

Poem: I miraculously found a spot at the writer's retreat. It was an experience that taught me much more than just story telling.

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I, Me, Myself: A Poem About Living For Myself!

I have lived my life around others. Now that I'm 40, I want to reclaim it for myself. This is a poem about living my life, the way I like.

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Don't Choose Easy! A Poem On Choosing The Right Path
Don’t Choose Easy! A Poem On Choosing The Right Path

Poem: Don't Choose Easy! -It’s easy to talk behind someone’s back, But tough to hold the attention of an audience. It’s easy to pull down someone, But very arduous to scale a precarious peak.

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3 Career Mistakes Put Me In A Rut, But Nothing Can Stop Me Now That I’m Taking Action!

Not that it wasn’t possible earlier, I just did not have the wish and will to carry it out. But now I know. One Life. And miles to go before I sleep.

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Fast And Furious: The Family Edition

Fast and Furious: The Family Edition. An incident that happened in the Jain household in fast and furious style.

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Someday, women will not be oppressed just for being women, and will be able to live their dreams just like men can.

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