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Someday, women will not be oppressed just for being women, and will be able to live their dreams just like men can.


I pray, I dream and I desperately hope…

Girls will not be forced to slide down the slope,

After facing hardships and conquering the summit

It is a real shame that they are driven to plummet.

Why can’t they stay on at the top?

Why do they have to sacrifice and stop?

Why can’t the family be as supportive of her?

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Why must they not consider what she prefers?

Why must she fulfil one thousand and one criteria?

Why must her expression of desires cause hysteria?

Why must a girl still worry about the adjustments post wedding?

Why can’t she live as carefree as she did before matrimony?

Why must she continue to please the in-laws,

When they only criticise without a single applause?

Why must she explain and justify all that she does?

Why must she carry the burden and the onus?

The onus of maintaining the household and the relations,

Without a penny’s worth of concern towards her frustrations?

Why can’t she decide what to wear?

Why do her clothes determine her character?

As if her clothes could change the mindset of the pervert,

We know better, women have been molested in saris and skirt!

Why is there a society deemed “right” way for a girl to exist?

When will society let a girl just be and her progress not resist?

When will the men actually support the women in their life?

And not just mothers, sisters and daughters but also their wife.

When will Women’s Day be celebrated every day in every way,

Not just in official statements but actually meaning what they say?

There is a huge gap in words and action,

Much below acceptable levels of satisfaction.


It’s time girls, for you to stand up for yourself,

Time to shake off the doubts and believe in yourself!

When respect for your aspirations is hard to come by,

Don’t whine, fight the odds and continue aiming for the sky!

You are capable, the men know it and are frightened,

You do not need their support; you are simply excellent!

Seek, persist and confidently demand your rights,

Keep going girl,

No one has the power to dim your lights!

Image source: unsplash

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