I, Me, Myself: A Poem About Living For Myself!

I have lived my life around others. Now that I'm 40, I want to reclaim it for myself. This is a poem about living my life, the way I like.

To err is human and to forgive is divine,
Yes! I have erred and I am ready to accept mistakes of mine,
I am ready to forgive myself and move on,
Not to feel like a God but because I am awaiting a new dawn.
A dawn to dispel my doubts and fears,
To brighten my days and wipe away my tears.

In my attempt to strengthen my relationships,
I have resolved first to rekindle an unrequited friendship.
This friendship requires just me and myself,
I only need look inward and honor myself.

Often in the flow of life,
One’s relation with inner self is in strife.
If one understood that this relationship is the foundation of all the love,
Relationships with others and self-love would go like hand-in-glove.
What you give to yourself only you can give to others,
And if you can’t love yourself, how can you love others?

I am now meeting a new me,
Jittery and nervous, the me looks me in the face.
Gingerly, the me says I have gone off-track in making the we,
The We with the parents, the We with the siblings,
The We with the husband and the in-laws from the wedding,
The We with the children, the We with friends and one and all!
And undeniably it’s a beautiful thing, this We.
But sadly, it overpowers the ME.
The Me is exasperated just tending to the We.
The Me wants to give back a little We and get back the Me.

Strange though it may sound, and maybe not so profound.
I am forty plus and have once missed the bus.
Rather, gotten off to take care but now I want to ride full fare.
And see where my life goes, to new highs or lower lows?
Whatever it maybe, I am ready to dare.
I’m raring to go and let it all out,
But first let me clear the air.
At forty plus I am gassy without a doubt.
I want to speak and be heard; I want to shout out loud,
I am here too and I am not just a face in the crowd!
It’s about time someone picked me off the shelf,
It is so nice to finally connect with one’s inner self.

I don’t try too hard anymore to please,
I move on with unprecedented ease.
Through my life I’ve learnt, erred and grown,
The forty years seem to have just flown.
By someone I was created and someone in turn I recreated,
“Creativity” was surely the highlight of this period!
I was nurtured, and I nurture,
Along with my kids I too now want a future!
This comes straight from the heart,
The ME wants a chance to belong and be a part!

Is it too late or too much to ask?
Before I say goodbye in a cask?
Who decides what is my best?
Humbly I ask you, and my case I rest!

Image Credit: Shad0wfall on Pixabay

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