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The Bewildering Truth About ‘Marriage’ And ‘Love’ That No One Told Us About

Indian young adults date. Even fall in love. But many still get into an arranged marriage decided by their families. Clearly, 'love' and 'marriage' are strange bedfellows!

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Permit Me To Apply For The Position Of ‘Wife’ In Your Esteemed Family

Arranged marriages through matrimonial sites or through word of mouth have become a joke where everything other than a woman's self is considered - after all, who cares what she wants, right?

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Will Parents STOP Trying To Control Their Kids’ Lives In The Name Of Culture, Already?
marrying only with parental consent

School children will pledge to marry only with parental consent in an event today in Surat. Really? When will parents stop trying to control kids? And do 14-15 year olds need to worry about marriage?

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Why Do Parents Want A ‘Well-Settled Boy’ For Their Daughter In An Arranged Marriage?
well-settled boy

The 'arranged marriage' system has its pros and cons, but the trend of parents still wanting a 'well-settled boy' is a backward step from gender equality.

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“I Will Get Married When I Want To” – An Open Letter To Those Who Have A Problem With It

Indeed! I am a 20-something millennial who is ranting about marriage, but who isn’t? This open letter goes out to all those impatient folks who are constantly advising me to 'get settled'. 

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A Nikaah At 20, Talaq Within A Year, Life Hasn’t Been Easy Even As A Working Woman

I was married at 20, and divorced within a year. Since then, I have been facing society's tainted way of looking at divorced women. When will this change?

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