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arranged marriages
I Fail To Understand Why We Glorify Arranged Marriages So Much!

Don't we all have the 'good cousin' who had an arranged marriage and is so happy in it? Have you wondered why we glorify arranged marriages?

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Shaadi May Not Be Your Barbaadi If You Ask These Questions Before Saying Yes!

When I stepped into the matrimonial market, I didn't really know what to ask people. And if you're sailing the same boat, let me rescue you!

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Ladies, Keep These 6 Points In Mind Before Saying Yes To Getting Married!

Before you get married to someone, go through this list to make sure you know what you're in for and to understand what it is all about!

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The Prince Charming List

Generations of match-making had not prepared her for this situation. In fact, generations of match-making have been so unidimensional that parents are ill-equipped to understand, let alone deal with such a possibility.

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You Have Come To See The Wrong Girl Then, Mister!

‘That’s the way women like it’, his father had told him. The first rule to find a good bride for yourself is to be well groomed, papa kept reminding him, whenever he would occasionally skip his bath or not shave.

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The Inequality Arranged Marriages Bring To Women Needs To Stop!

Despite our so-called 'modern' thoughts, the system of arranged marriages is still incredibly unequal and unfair to women across the country!

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