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Marriage Advertised: Convent Educated Bride Who Is Benign!
Marriage Advertised: Convent Educated Bride Who Is Benign!

Marriage advertised: every household in India wants a bride who is convent educated, fair kind, and maybe comes with some gold!

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8 Reasons Why Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Is A CringeBinge!

Indian Matchmaking season 3 is here, and with it, Sima Aunty is back, in an outwardly polished avatar but the same old same old.

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Why Indian Women Can Never Be Gold-diggers!

The boys' parents and in some cases the girls' parents are implicitly the real 'gold diggers' because marriages are socially sanctioned transactions in India.

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The Truth Of Indian Arranged Marriages
The truth of Indian arranged marriages

Your daughter in law is someone's daughter, raised with love and care, just like you raised your son. She deserves love as a right!

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Are Some Indian Mothers-in-Law Causing Divorces, Especially In Arranged Marriages?

Ironically, these women cannot breathe a sigh of relief until their son is married. And yet, the moment he is married, they spend their entire time and energy instigating the son against his wife.

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Aparna Shewakramani Says To Women: ‘Your Stories Are Worth Telling’
Aparna Shewakramani

Our Orange Flower Award juror Aparna Shewakramani joins us to discuss the difference women make to the literary world when they voice their opinions.

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