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arranged marriages
Why Are Sacrificing And Adjusting Two Of The Most Valued Qualities Of A Wife Even Today?

Why does a girl need to sacrifice? Isn't marriage an equal alliance? Why should she always live up to her husband/in-laws' expectations? Isn't that mutual?

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Maybe Indian ‘Boys’ Have Forgotten To Grow Up And Catch Up With The Modern Indian Woman!

While Indian women have benefited from feminism, Indian men have remained traditional and in trouble if they don't catch up soon.

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5 Lessons On Surviving Matrimonial Sites I Wish Someone Had Taught Me

Based on my personal experience of weird messages and annoying suggestions, here are 5 ways to successfully manoeuvre matrimonial websites.

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It’s Hard To Be Aparna In A World Where Sima Aunty Says Exactly What Sanskaari Indians Think

Indian Matchmaking. Made me wonder if we have progressed at all since Independence, in our attitude towards women, their education, and their place in society.

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How Different Is An Indian Mom’s Experience When She’s The Prospective Bride Or The Mother In Law?

Woman as a mother is a very powerful image in Indian culture, and whether you're the prospective mother in law or the bride decides how you're treated.

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Marriages May Be Made In Heaven, But These 6 Women’s Rishta Stories Are Straight From Hell!

Meeting a potential groom and his family for a rishta isn't always an easy experience. But it's downright horrific for some, as these 6 stories prove!

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