Raktima Acharjee

Just a student who keep questioning everything and definitely wants to do a PhD in gender studies.

Voice of Raktima Acharjee

How To Choose A Good Match When I’m Told ‘Men Are Like That Only’?

What should a woman like me do, who wants to work, get a PhD, yet also get married, have kids, have a husband. Am I asking too much?

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Modernization or our faulty adaptation?
Modernization Or Our Faulty Adaptation?

We all have seen famous Hollywood shows like sex in the city or any other famous romantic drama’s. That ignited something inside us, something like passion along with fashion, crave for drama and more of all relationships. After the modernization everything is available to us. When someone says we follow west we became offensive but […]

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Women Have A Voice And It Deserves To Be Heard

Women are often ignored and never encouraged to express themselves. But we deserve to have our opinions, thoughts, and problems to be heard.

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