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Rrashima Swaarup Verma

Rrashima is a senior corporate analyst with over 20 years of experience in the corporate sector. She is also a prolific writer and poet and her articles, stories and poems are regularly published in leading national and international literary magazines, journals and periodicals. Rrashima is the author of the bestselling book "A Break In Love". "A Break In Love" is a fast-paced, contemporary romance which has received rave reviews from readers and media alike and has been consistently topping the charts since its release.

Voice of Rrashima Swaarup Verma

I Had Raksha Bandhan FOMO As A Single Child, Growing Up In A World Where Siblings Were The Norm…

In the 80’s, people didn’t understand boundaries so well, and a friend or family member or even a neighbour would turn around and ask you, "Don’t you miss having a brother or sister?"

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Why Do We Try So Hard To Conceal The Beautiful Imperfections That Make Us Unique? Let’s Own Them!

If every one of us had the same perfect hair, perfect bodies, perfect marriages, perfect jobs, well, then we might as well be robots right?

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My Problems Don’t Always Go Away But Seem Less Important, Less Hopeless When I Smile

‘As your employer, I expect respect and obedience from you, not that cheeky, impudent smile every time I ask you something.’

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karva chauth
To Keep Karva Chauth Fast Or Not- My Decision, My Choice!

My romantic bubble around Karva Chauth burst at 19. My friend's diabetic mother collapsed on the floor due to the fasting. Her MIL called her 'spoilt' & her husband was nowhere to be seen!

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‘If You Bend First For The Mala, You’ll Have To Bend For The Rest Of Your Life!’

"Why did you bow?" One of his friends looked at him with deep disappointment. "You are now destined to be a joru ka gulaam for the rest of your life."

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My Parents Had Ditched Kanyadaan At My Wedding Years Ago, Sending Out A Progressive Message

The kanyadaan was purposely excluded from my wedding rituals. Because even back then, my parents didn’t believe that their daughter was parayi. Not did they consider me dhan.

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You May Have Offered Me The World, But I Prefer My Freedom To Choose

‘What is it? What is it that compels you to take this decision?’ She knew she had to be honest with him. She took a deep breath. ‘I can’t give up meat.’ Her face was resolute, her tone decisive. ‘I just can’t.’

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Cageless Birds

This continued for about an hour until closer inspection revealed what the fuss was about. There they were, three little baby sparrows with half-closed eyes, comfortably tucked into the nest with their mother.

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A Friendship Band For The Bride

Now here was the new daughter in law, competing and vying for the attention that had previously been lavished solely on the daughter.

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Does It Mean I Need A Man With Me Every Time To Get Good Service?

Men often receive better quality of service and are more 'respected' than women in public spaces. It has happened for a long time and it’s no longer acceptable.

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Maybe If We’d Said, ‘Get Behind My Choice’ We Would’ve Still Been Friends!

If we all cheered each other on, backed each other up, got behind each other’s choices, I dare say women will be a force to be reckoned with.

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