What Women Want – And It’s NOT What You Think!

Maybe we don’t always want to be nice. We don’t want to be arrogant either. Maybe sometimes, we just want to be.

Flying seems to have become a needlessly eventful exercise in recent times. Or perhaps it always was.

Other news on one side, an old video involving a Bollywood actress and a billionaire businessman on a flight from London, garnered a lot of reactions from people. Admittedly, it got me thinking too.

Ok, so the actress did not converse with her fans at that particular moment (she could have been tired, unwell or simply not in the mood) but why was the gentleman sitting next to her so quick to pass his judgement about something that did not concern him? Did he do so simply because she is an actress (after all, many of us feel that people in showbiz have to learn to give up on the kind of privacy that we regular folks take for granted) or would he have said the same about any other woman in her place too?

The thought that kept coming back however much I tried to think otherwise, was that undeniably, women are usually always, unfailingly judged anyhow.

She could have shown more affection. She could have been nicer!

This is what got me thinking. Well, maybe we should put it out there for everyone to know that it isn’t so easy for a woman to “show more affection” or “simply be nicer”. In fact, a woman will always be judged. If she’s nice, then she will be blamed for being over-friendly and “asking for it”. If she keeps to herself, she will be called arrogant and egotistical.

Ask any woman. Ask me!

A recent post I put up on a social media handle got a barrage of messages from men and women alike. While all the messages were acknowledged and appreciated, there was one particular man who did seem a little relentless in the way he flooded my inbox with compliments. I did thank him (trying to be nice you see) but that really got him going. Four dozen messages in less than 20 minutes and I was done being nice! Being nice had cost me! So I promptly blocked him from my profile and heaved a sigh of relief. Good riddance!

Point? For all those who are quick to pass judgement, or who think that a particular woman in a particular situation could have shown more affection or “been nicer”, please remember that it isn’t always easy for us to do so. Maybe we don’t always want to be nice. We don’t want to be arrogant either. Maybe sometimes, we just want to be.

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