I’d Hoped The Pandemic Made Us More Humane, But Box Office Success Of Animal Proves Otherwise!

Women in reality like men who are in touch with their humanity, their goodness, their feminism. Men who are kind. Not the alpha male this film promotes.

I did think I was rather late in writing this but then decided to, anyway. After all, it’s always relevant to write about something you firmly believe in, right? And let me mention at the outset that Women’s Web remains my absolute favourite women’s publication because it gives me an opportunity and platform to talk about, to discuss, to express those things that are truly closest to my heart.

So, coming to the subject of this post

When the world closed down in 2020 due to the pandemic and people around the globe lost loved ones, I had imagined that this would be a turning point in the history of humanity. When people talked about realizing, understanding the true meaning of life, when nations dropped everything and went out of their way to help one another, when tears were shed for the loss of complete strangers, many of us would have thought that humanity has truly triumphed.

Merely 3 years later, a film is made. A film that becomes a hit at the box office. A film that proves that anytime, anyplace, a sickness like this can rear its ugly head and slay the essence of everything that humanity stands for. Benevolence, kindness, goodness, all those things that the world can hope to stand on, well this film rejects all of it and more.

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A cringe fest

Unabashedly misogynistic and shamelessly unapologetic about it, Animal is a ruthless slaughter of human dignity. When movies like Pink and Thappad were made, I rejoiced. Here were films that would enable us to move forward as a society, a civilized people. Then a film like Animal is made and all hopes are dashed.

Here’s a rhetorical question. How could anyone sit through three hours of that?

While every scene in the movie is a cringe fest, there are some particularly awful ones that truly made me retch. No, I’m not getting into the details of those scenes, but in a nutshell let me just say this. This “man child alpha male” who the filmmakers have projected as a “protagonist” is the biggest turn off for most women. He makes us sick. Heard the quote, “I wouldn’t be with you even if you were the last man on earth”. That’s what we feel about him.

On the contrary, women actually like men who are in touch with their humanity, their goodness, their feminism. Men who are kind. Men who are human. That’s what we find attractive. That’s what we find sexy. That’s what we love. Thats what we respect. Really. It’s true.

And while I desperately want to feel amused, even bored at the unintelligence, the senselessness, the inanity of it all, all I really feel is anger. Fury. Rage. That a film like this has been made, watched and imbibed. But then the film was about rage anyway, wasn’t it?

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Oh wait. That was a man unleashing rage. Well, here’s a woman unleashing hers. Thank you.

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