A Brand New Chat Show Is Making Waves In The Literary World

Now while this piece is essentially about a brand-new literary chat show that has recently been making waves in the Indian literary community, a bit of background for the uninitiated, might be in order.

I’m sure we all agree that writing is a solitary exercise. It therefore becomes necessary for writers, particularly from the point of view of their social and emotional well-being and productivity, to belong to a community, a place where they can meet and interact with other like-minded people. For many of us here in India (and internationally too), The Book Bakers literary agency is that place. A powerhouse of talent and support, this beautiful community has given hundreds of authors (both men and women) a sense of belonging.

Recently The Book Bakers launched its very own chat show titled “Superstars with Suhail”. Following a warm welcome by our host and dost Suhail Mathur, this revolutionary show gives viewers an up-close look into the lives of their favourite authors. With 13 fabulous segments, including inspirational literary experiences, a superb rapid fire, anecdotal encounters, witty brain teasers and many more, the show is spread across around 40 minutes per episode, making it a sharp, fun-filled viewing experience. It is hardly surprising then, that the show already has a record number of views and counting. And why not? After all, the questions are astute and novel, with a completely fresh perspective, one that is different from everything we’ve seen before. The show features some of India’s most well-known writers across a plethora of intriguing genres. It does a deep dive into the lives of these famous personalities, providing viewers with a rare on-screen insight into the personality and psyche of their favourite authors. The interviews are as entertaining as they are compelling, with an aim to inspire. The camaraderie the authors share with the host, is evident from the ease and comfort with which the conversation flows. Revelatory questions around subjects that are universally fascinating, emotional appeal, and an overall upbeat atmosphere are some of the USPs that make the show a winner all the way.

Honest, heart-warming and hilarious in equal measure, this show is the perfect fix for book lovers who like to delve beyond the book. As for me, suffice it to say that I simply love the idea of a show where authors are the superstars. In a nutshell, “Superstars with Suhail” is exactly what you need to get your weekend off to a great start!

P.s. The show airs every Saturday morning at sharp 8 am on The Book Bakers YouTube channel.


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