Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall (For World Poetry Day, March 21st)


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


The mirror, sparkling, gleaming bright,

It beckons, tries hard to entice.

My dreams, my hopes, my soul’s alight!

Is this the truth or mere a reflection?


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I am a woman, they say the mirror is my need,

It plays many roles, friend, foe, lover.

Sometimes I wait, sometimes I plead,

It changes colours, it is wily, it is devious.


A mirror is an ocean where worlds collide,

Conscious, unconscious, dreams, truth.

Hearts laid bare, yet secrets to hide,

Illusions, visions, who am I?


I close my eyes, the questions wane,

The answers I seek, no mirror contains!



About the Author

Rrashima Swaarup Verma

Rrashima is a senior corporate analyst with over 20 years of experience in the corporate sector. She is also a prolific writer, novelist and poet and her articles, stories and poems are regularly published in read more...

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