Why I’m Unable To Watch The Reboot Version Of Sex And The City Though I’m A HUGE Fan!

You ask any SATC fan. We all wanted a friendship like the one that the 4 girls shared. A friendship that was a rock. A friendship that seemed to withstand the tests of time and in general, life.

I confess that SATC (Sex and the City) has a special place in my heart. I must have watched the 6 seasons and every single episode at that, countless times. Seriously, there was nothing like sitting back with a glass of wine, a bar of dark chocolate and an episode of SATC, after a hard day at work. It renewed me. Made me laugh.

So much so, that I even ended up going for the special SATC bus tour when I visited New York in 2019.

Now some may call the show frivolous but for me, it was pure, honest entertainment. I was in love with the fashion, the ‘fabulousness’, the fun! And it had its moments as well. Moments that were truly thought-provoking, moments that made its viewers take a good, candid look at their own relationships, particularly their female friendships.

You ask any SATC fan. We all wanted a friendship like the one that the 4 girls shared. A friendship that was a rock. A friendship that seemed to withstand the tests of time and in general, life.

So I didn’t like the changes they announced in a new season!

Since the show is all about straight-forward honesty, I’m going to be forthright as well.

There was nothing I wanted more than a new season of SATC and when it was officially announced that the girls were coming back, it was a dream come true!

However, I grew sceptical about the new season from the moment I heard that Kim Cattrall wasn’t returning to reprise the role of Samantha. After all, other than the fact that Samantha was a truly one-of-a-kind character, the show was all about the girls and their perfect foursome. Would they be able to recreate the magic without one of them? Besides, the ecstasy over learning that Chris Noth (Big) was returning for this season was very short lived when I heard that they were killing his character in the first episode itself.

So now what?

My reservations notwithstanding, I was a loyal SATC fan and I just couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone that I hadn’t watched the new show. So one evening when I was at a particularly loose end, I requested my darling husband to make me a Cosmopolitan (if that isn’t a gesture of solidarity, what is?) and settled down in front of the screen.

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Now while some of the defining elements that make SATC the fabulous entertainment that it is, were definitely still there, what really didn’t cut it with me was the way they explained (or at least tried to) Samantha’s absence.

For those of you who haven’t watched the previous seasons, Samantha other than being Carrie’s best friend is also her publicist. The fact that a friendship as solid, as consistently steadfast as the one they shared, could have fallen apart, simply because their professional relationship ceased to exist, was very difficult for me to believe.

I don’t accept the reasons they gave

To add insult to injury was the implication that Carrie was “just an ATM” to her! Even as I tried to fathom what was going on, a dialogue from a previous episode came hurtling back to my mind. ‘Carrie, you and I are perfect. Or at least pretty damn close.’

And they were. They really were. They went through everything together, all the lies, all the judgements, all the hardships, but their friendship withstood. It in fact, grew stronger still. They stood by each other, protected each other, comforted each other, they were unconditionally there for each other. And it was the same with Miranda and Charlotte. A fabulous foursome, a fantastic friendship. A force to be reckoned with!

For fans like me, who had watched them for years going through all the trials and tribulations together, and emerging victorious simply because of the solid support they gave each other, this flimsy excuse that was thrown in to explain Samantha’s absence from the show, was a major, major let down. After all, the sisterhood of SATC was like an unwritten oath, a commitment, a promise. There was a purity to it, a sanctity that made an otherwise light hearted show, pertinent and poignant. A more believable explanation might have done the job better.

Needless to say, I haven’t been able to bring myself to finish all the episodes. Admittedly, I will need an enhanced dose of cynicism to do so. In fact, come to think of it, I’d much rather spend my time watching re-runs of the first 6 seasons.

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