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arranged marriages
With All The Messy, Toxic Marriages She Saw Around, She Was Petrified Of Getting Married…

How was a mother to know that? What device was there for her to assess a stranger? What if, as Yamuna said, he turned out to be a tormentor?

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Open Letter To Young Women: Was Your Wedding Your Dream Or Your Parents’ Dream?

If you want to secure your life, you should stand on your own legs. You should have the confidence that you will survive in the world without anyone providing for you.

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When I Was Asked To Abandon My Passion To Fit Marriage Market Ideals Of A ‘Good’ Wife

“Look at you. You have no fixed hours. You work on holidays. A new bride is expected to please her in-laws, to care for the house and the people; to take on the responsibilities of the house.”

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Haseen Dillruba Dons A Refreshing Woke Cloak To Begin With, But Then…

Watch Haseen Dillruba, take a deep breath, give a nod to Massey, missy and the unholy mess. Then move on!

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It’s Time We Slim Down Big Fat Indian Weddings As They’re Bad For Our Daughters

The inflation we've been seeing for the past couple of decades in wedding expenses has been slowly becoming the noose around our daughters' necks. Please, enough!

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An Indian Wife’s Value Is Often Measured By The Money She Brings; A Dowry Or A Salary!

Traditional mindsets need to take a good look at their bubble of entitlement; why should a woman's worth be measured only by the money she gets home?

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