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arranged marriages
It’s Time We Slim Down Big Fat Indian Weddings As They’re Bad For Our Daughters

The inflation we've been seeing for the past couple of decades in wedding expenses has been slowly becoming the noose around our daughters' necks. Please, enough!

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An Indian Wife’s Value Is Often Measured By The Money She Brings; A Dowry Or A Salary!

Traditional mindsets need to take a good look at their bubble of entitlement; why should a woman's worth be measured only by the money she gets home?

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How Much Gold Will Guarantee Your Daughter A Happy Married Life? Safety?

A family who has makes demands without any regard for your financial condition or your troubles, will never be satiated. It doesn’t matter how many tolas of gold you give.

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8 Indian Ideas Of The ‘Perfect Bride’ And Wife That Absolutely Must Be Banned
perfect bride

The idea we have of the 'perfect bride' needs to change. Why should women, and their families, kow-tow to unrealistic ideas of subservience any more?

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5 Confessions Of A Feminist Daughter-in-Law

To tell you honestly, the concept of a traditional Indian marriage totally misses the mark for me. Here's why.

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The Boy’s Nice And Likes You, The Shaadi Is Tomorrow; What’s The Problem Now?!

I don’t care! You want me to get married because the clothes have come from the tailor, do you even hear yourself ma!” Trisha screamed back.

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