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These 16 Female Comedians Will Prove To You Just How Hilarious Women Are!

Posted: July 6, 2020

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If you’re looking for a good laugh while stuck at home over the weekends, these 16 female comedians come to your rescue with their wit and humour!

It’s always said that comedy is the best remedy. Particularly at this time when your mental health might be at stake, a good dose of laughter might help. 

So while you’re all working from home or living at work, we have curated, for you, a list of hilarious female comedians! If nothing, these women are guaranteed to make you laugh and wonder why people ever said, ‘Women cannot be funny.’

Ladies Up (Netflix Special)

Netflix’s new all-women stand-up special is a rib-tickling saga of first-hand experiences that leading women of comedy undergo on a day-to-day basis. Staring Kaneez Surka, Supriya JoshiPrashasti Singh and Niveditha Prakasam this special is a full-fledged package of talent.

With jokes ranging from hookups, matrimonial sites, Fitbit, condoms, North-South divide this special is a meant to drag you away from quarantine boredom. You can watch the special here.

Neeti Palta – Almost Sanskari (Amazon Prime)

Neeti Palta is one of the most popular female comedians in the country. She is known for her witty style of humour driven from experiences. Her Amazon Special ‘Almost Sanskari’ is a rollercoaster journey of her life.

Full of irrelevant humour in this standup-special Palta takes digs at her mother, father, brother and herself. From being a teen to buying condoms to marriage, this gig has it all.

You can follow her on Instagram here and Twitter here and watch the Amazon Special here. And we leave you with a bit from her show!

Aditi Mittal – Things they wouldn’t let me say (Netflix Special)

Aditi Mittal is a female comedian who is known from her unapologetic, patriarchy bashing sense of humour. Her standup special ‘Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say’ made Mittal one of India’s first female comedians to have her own special featured on any web-streaming service.

In her special, she talks about topics ranging from sex to menstruation and bras to sanitary-napkins. It has everything that ‘they’ don’t let us women talk about and that’s what makes this special a complete laughter riot. You follow her on Instagram here Twitter here and You can watch the Netflix special here. 

Sumukhi Suresh – Don’t Tell Amma (Amazon Special)

Our dearest ‘Pushpawali’ Sumukhi Suresh is one hell of a dose of comedy and energy. Her standup-special ‘Don’t Tell Amma’ is funny and relatable.

It’s an average humour ride with the pinch of edginess and sarcasm. You can follow her on Instagram here, Twitter here and watch the Amazon special here

Anu Menon – Wonder Menon (Amazon Special)

Unapologetic, raw and wild is what Anu Menon and her standup Wonder Menon are. This Amazon Special is filled with Menon’s flair for storytelling, narrating incidents from her life with self-deprecating wit.

You can follow her on Instagram here, Twitter here and watch the Amazon special here!

Kaneez Surkha – The General Fun Game Show (Youtube)

Kaneez Surka aka the improv comedy star is known for her spontaneous sense of humour. Her most renowned comedy series is The General Fun Game Show. This game show is general and funny as the name suggests.

Kaneez Surka who controls the show in each episode puts the three contestants in a journey of madness, fun, tears and maybe a loss of dignity. You can watch the show here and trust me it’s pretty addictive! You can follow her on Instagram here and Twitter here.

Radhika Vaz

Radhika Vaz is best known for her no-holds-barred stand-up comedy. Her standup videos on YouTube are not just funny but also very elegantly thrashes patriarchy. Her standup bit ‘Why Men And Women Are Different’ will leave you in splits. You can follow her on Instagram here and Twitter here.

Urooj Ashfaq

Sarcastic and awkward Urooj Ashfaq is known for her sense of comedy that is dark and absurd. Her stand-ups are driven from observations and make one feel a lot of emotions at once. You can follow her on Instagram here.

Punya Arora

Punya Arora is one such amazing stand-up comedian who talks about simple real-life experiences and thoughts. She is one of the female comedians who is a is an eccentric mix of stand-up and photography. You can watch her video ‘Purush Ka Sparm’ here and have your daily dose of comedy! You can follow her on Instagram here and twitter here.

Aayushi Jagad

Aayushi Jagad is your very relatable Gujrati woman whose stand-ups are something to look forward to. Whether it’s through her opinions and experiences on Instagram and Dick Pics or Arrange Marriages, her stand-up is a fresh touch to your mundane work from home! You can follow her on Instagram here and Twitter here

 Sejal Bhatt

Another young female stand-up comedian on this list is Sejal Bhatt. Her comedy in some sense questions our household banter. I mean how can you not laugh when the comic jokes that her life dream is to take a bath without a ‘chaddi.’ You can follow her on Instagram here and Twitter here.

Sumaira Shaikh 

Sumaira Shaikh’s standup acts are relatable and just as funny! From gambling with Dadi to her SSC school experience Sumaira through her punchlines makes everything sound funny.

She drops real truth-bombs like even paper can do the work of paperweight! You can follow her on Instagram here and Twitter here. 

 Jeeya Sethi

Now I recently discovered Jeeya Seethi and she is hilarious! While advising men on how to pee she suggests them to aim only in the pot because ‘humko tumhara rasna nahi dekhne ka hai’! Her standup How To Pee is the correct boredom booster. You can follow her on Instagram here and Twitter here. 

Agrima Joshua 

This standup comedian from UP through her video tries to bring her experience and observation to the people in a fun and sarcastic way! Her video ‘UP is the Texas of India’ will prove my point. You can follow her on Instagram here and Twitter here.

 Well, here’s hoping these female comedians bring you as much laughter as they brought to me! Watch their videos when you can and thank us later for all the entertainment we provided you with!

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