How To Prepare For A Banking Exam In India: All You Need To Know

Banking jobs come with a security, stability and internal promotions. Here's how you can prepare for that banking exam and recruitment!

If you are keen on a career in banking sector and are looking for a detailed guide on how to prepare for a banking exam in India then this post is for you!

A job in the banking sector is one of the prestigious jobs globally. It comes with high security and even a higher growth sector. A bank job is something that provides financial security even during times of recession. 

One of the significant reasons people are opting for banking jobs is the reputation it holds and the scope for growth. Since India’s banking sector has seen a growth spurt in the last five years, one should understand that there are exams to crack it.

Moreover, there should be thorough preparation as it is one of the competitive sectors. While there are several misconceptions about how a student studying via high-end coaching classes can clear the exam, it isn’t necessary. 

With the correct preparation, a student who studies on their own can clear the exam as efficiently as someone with coaching classes. So, let’s knuckle under how to prepare for a banking exam in India. 

What is the syllabus for banking exam?

The first thing to keep in mind is to take the subjects into understanding. Since there are two exams- 

  1. Preliminary exam
  2. Mains exam

One needs to get an idea of the subjects in both these exams. When they have an idea of it, it makes things 20% easier as they can know what they have to do to get their dream job. 

The subjects in the preliminary exam are reasoning ability, quantitive aptitude and English language. The mains exam consists of subjects like reasoning ability, quantitive aptitude, computer awareness, general awareness and English language. 

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Check out all the subjects here.

An individual needs to clear these two exams to secure a job in the bank. So, one’s banking career depends on how one scores in these exams. 

Check out the dates for upcoming bank exams in 2022 here.

What is the best way to prepare for banking exam?

Since bank jobs are competitive, the exams are difficult too if one does not prepare thoroughly. There are several things an individual should keep in mind before preparing for their exam. 

Let us look at what one needs to do to achieve their wanted score and secure their dream position. 

Plan properly: Having a plan is critical as it helps one segregate their work and allows them to study efficiently. 

Make a timetable: Remember when we made a study timetable in school? So, one should apply the same whilst studying for a bank exam. Making a timetable helps cut indecisiveness in what subject to complete first. 

Online resources are your best companion: For people who choose to study personally, it is necessary to use online resources. India’s online community comes in handy when you don’t know the basics of what you are doing. Several people on YouTube talk about tips to clear the banking exam on the first attempt.

Check out this YouTube video by Shantanu Shukla here.

Go through your syllabus: This is one step that people usually overlook. Checking the syllabus would lead you to understand the tough subjects. 

Strategise: Strategising is critical. When one strategises, the individual knows what area to focus on and what to take lightly. 

Eligibility criteria for a career in banking

Before preparing for the exam, one should know the eligibility criteria for bank jobs. While a bachelor’s degree in Economics or Finance is one of the main criteria, some banks allow individuals who have passed the 12th standard for a clerical job. Check out the details of it here.

Usually, a degree in Accounting, Finance, Business, FinTech, or an MBA is more appreciable as it gives the applicant an insight into the banking career. Check out courses in the banking sector after the 12th here.

Similarly, if an individual wants a job as PO– Probation Officer, the requirement is a graduate with 55%, and the age limit is 21 to 26 years. 

What skills are required for a banking job?

While preparation is necessary, one should possess other skills that come in handy when working in a bank. These skills prepare you to ace that exam and achieve the job of your dreams. 

Customer dealing: Dealing with customers- good and bad- is a part of a banking job. One needs ultimate patience and stability to deal with customers. 

Mental maths: I know math is something only a niche enjoys, but for one to succeed in their job, mental maths is highly crucial as it saves time and helps in doing things efficiently.

Communication skills: While it is a treat for extroverts, communication skills are of utmost necessity as one should communicate with coherence when talking to potential clients. 

Attention to detail: As bizarre as it seems, the person working in a bank should have a knack for detailing, as minute mistakes can lead to a loss or an irreparable circumstance. 

Stress management: Stress management is of primary concern as dealing with different customers could lead to pent-up stress.

These skills come in handy and could be one of the personal preparation that one does for their banking job. I hope these tips and tricks help you get your preferred bank job and make the examination process easier. 

All the best and let me know if you have other tips on how to prepare for banking exam in India.

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