Craving Indian Breakfast During Pregnancy? Ready List Of 8 Healthy Dishes

A good and healthy Indian breakfast during pregnancy is essential for all to be moms- be it the working ones or the stay-at-home ones!

Pregnancy comes along with a bucket full of surprises for the pregnant couple- and is a memorable time for them. In India- pregnancy brings everyone together, either through personal experiences or conjecture advice.

While it comes with its surge of excitement, one shouldn’t forget the difficulties these new ‘to be moms’ go through during the entire period. Pregnancy also brings cravings for them & it also brings along a set of nausea and risk of health too.

So, the most important thing a pregnant person needs is good and healthy meals. Yes, you might crave pizzas and coke- but you need to check if it is healthy for the tiny life growing inside you.

Therefore, a good and healthy Indian breakfast during pregnancy is essential for all to be moms- be it the working ones with little to no time for breakfast or the stay-at-home moms doing chores.

And thus, here’s a list of Indian breakfasts during pregnancy favourable for pregnant women.

Indian breakfast during pregnancy: Poha during pregnancy

Nothing can go wrong with a bowl of Poha! Poha is a widely loved breakfast item, and it is very healthy and safe for pregnant women. 

Poha regulates blood sugar- it is high in dietary fibre and has a low glycaemic index. It is a probiotic that is beneficial for the intestines. 

Iron is extremely important for the development of a healthy baby- Poha provides iron and essential minerals like zinc and manganese. 

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Moreover, Poha is an easy option for working women as it is a quick fix for an Indian breakfast during pregnancy. You can find the recipe here

Moongdal dosa during pregnancy

Moong dal chilla is another quick breakfast recipe. One of the main reasons is that you can store it and use it over the next day as well. It is a go-to breakfast that can be made in less than 15 minutes!

You can add a lot of fibre-rich vegetables- grate carrots, cabbages, zucchinis and a bottle gourd with salt, lemon, green chillies to make it tangy. You can check out the recipe here!

Paranthas as Indian breakfast during pregnancy

Now, if you have plenty of time and want something that could fill you up, Paranthas is the best option. You can make a variety of paranthas that would provide you with all the necessary ingredients. Just ensure that you are allowed oily/fried food by your doctor.

You can even experiment with different types of Paranthas like Cabbage Paranthas that would provide you with calcium, protein, fibre and phosphorus. Another super healthy option is the beetroot and sesame rotis

Oats, sprouts and palak uttappam during pregnancy

Uttappam is one of the versatile dishes that everybody loves. While Uttappam is tasty, it is also highly rich in nutrients like folic acid, iron and vitamin A. 

Moreover, when mixed with ingredients like oats, sprouts and palak- you get fibre and protein too! It is a 45-minute work in total- and you can make it in a smaller size too! Check out the recipe here!

Multigrain idli for Indian breakfast during pregnancy

Idlis are super tasty! But, multigrain idlis provide taste as well as health benefits for to be moms. This multigrain idli includes ingredients like ragi, jowar and wholewheat flour.

The recipe also includes methi seeds. Unfortunately, pregnant women shouldn’t eat methi seeds in a large amount, thus skipping it entirely. Check out the recipe here!

Moong sprouts panki during pregnancy

Panki is a traditional Gujarati snack often similar to that of pancakes. It is cooked between banana leaves and is a zero-oil variant. 

Moong Sprouts Panki is made with a batter of sprouted moong and other flours. You can add chillies and coriander as per your taste- this proves to be a good Indian breakfast during pregnancy.

It is a 30-minute quick breakfast. Moreover, it has ingredients like fibre- and lots of proteins- which are good for the tiny life growing inside the belly. You can check the recipe here!

Carrot, cucumber and rajma salad during pregnancy

A carrot, cucumber, and rajma salad are another healthy yet delicious quick recipe when you have to leave for work in 30 minutes. 

It takes 20 minutes to prepare the dish. It is loaded with vitamin A and vitamin C- you can add a pinch of lemon dressing for the taste.

Rajma comes along with calcium and potassium, which are good for the baby as well as the mom. Moreover, it is good for your eyesight as well! Check out the recipe here!

Cabbage and moong dal salad during pregnancy

Lastly, I have a salad yet again! This recipe is super healthy and packed with protein for a quick breakfast. You can even have it on the go!

Yet again, cabbage and moong dal salad are rich in protein, fibre, iron and folic acid- which are great for the baby. It is a perfect mid-morning snack that can fill you up. You can check the recipe here!

Pregnancy is a special time for the mother, and eating healthy without compromising the taste is a win-win! So, I hope this list of Indian breakfasts during pregnancy helps you get through this wonderful time of your life with ease!

Image credits: Ashwin Shrigiri on Pexels

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