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Pregnancy is a joyful yet sometimes stressful time in a woman's life! Here we talk week by week pregnancy, issues that new mothers face, and true stories of pregnancy from moms like you.
vaginal birth
Why Do We Call A Vaginal Birth A ‘Normal’ Delivery? Or Shame Moms Who Couldn’t?

Calling a vaginal birth a 'normal' or 'natural' birth was probably appropriate years ago when Caesarian births were rare, in an emergency.

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Craving Indian Breakfast During Pregnancy? Ready List Of 8 Healthy Dishes

A good and healthy Indian breakfast during pregnancy is essential for all to be moms- be it the working ones or the stay-at-home ones!

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And That’s How Tahira Kashyap Khurrana And Ayushmann’s Baby Was Born

Tahira Kashyap Khurrana’s The 7 Sins of Being a Mother, is all about being a mother today, while also being a modern woman with a cheeky sense of humour. An excerpt.

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Neha Dhupia To New Moms: Your PostPartum Body Is Normal And Does Not Need ‘Fixing’
postpartum body

Neha Dhupia speaks about her postpartum body - it's normal to gain weight after childbirth, have stretch marks, and to take time to heal. So new moms, don't let social expectations make you feel guilty!

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Must Weight Gain In A Newly Married Woman Necessarily Mean That She’s Pregnant?

Why should "Is there any Good News?" be the only question a married woman is asked if she seems to have put on even a little weight since marriage?

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Dear Mom To Be, Are You Getting All The Sleep Required In Pregnancy?
sleep required in pregnancy

Women often don’t get the sleep required in pregnancy as the body undergoes many changes; being cautious and working through some problems can be helpful.

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