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Pregnancy is a joyful yet sometimes stressful time in a woman's life! Here we talk week by week pregnancy, issues that new mothers face, and true stories of pregnancy from moms like you.
benefits of raisins
5 Benefits Of Raisins During Pregnancy Every Expecting Mom Should Know

There are several benefits of raisins right from stronger bones to healthier teeth. Here are 5 benefits of raisins for every expecting mother!

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Lalita’s instincts were now prickling, and she knew it. In all of sixteen years, she had never seen this look in her daughter’s eyes.

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The Little Matter Of Indulging In Sex As A New Mom: Why Isn’t It On My List Of Priorities?
sex after childbirth

Think. Where does sex figure in a new mom's schedule or even life? Is it even a thing? Pooja Pande banishes all such doubts in this excerpt from her new book Momspeak.

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Lacking Facilities, Exhausted Hospitals Are Denying Care To Pregnant Women – Is Anyone Listening?
pregnant women

Pregnant women are being denied timely and crucial medical care because there are no beds, no facilities, and doctors are all battling the pandemic. Is anyone listening?

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8 Month Pregnant Woman Dies As Overburdened Hospitals Refuse Admission; Who’s Responsible?

The author calls out what she says is neglect by hospitals overburdened by COVID-19, who refused to admit an 8 month pregnant woman in an emergency situation, leading to her death.

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Whose Responsibility? Short Film Asks Questions About Teen Sexuality & Pregnancy In Middle Class India

We need to include talking about sex as part of dinner table conversations, as responsible parents. Tamil short film MAA puts a spotlight on this.

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