Anshul Jain, MD Of Lighthouse Funds Says Mistakes Are A Learning Process!

Anshul Jain is the Managing Director of Lighthouse Funds, an investment firm that partners with entrepreneurs experiencing exponential growth.

Anshul Jain is the Managing Director of Lighthouse Funds that partners with entrepreneurs that experience exponential growth.

After graduating with an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Indore (IIM, Indore), Jain started as an associate for Morgan Stanley and gradually paved her way toward success.

Anshul Jain’s past experiences have helped in her future endeavours

After a year at Morgan Stanley, Jain became a manager for ABN AMRO Investment Banking as a part of the MA team (mergers and acquisitions).

She worked there for the next two years in financial modelling and due diligence. Moreover, she worked with the Global Sector team within SPA Negotiations and deal closures.

Eventually, in 2008, Jain became the associate for Babcock & Brown(now defunct).

Later, for the next six years, she worked with ICICI securities, where she majorly covered the Agri and Food sector.

In October 2017, Anshul Jain joined as a principal and now is the Managing Director of Lighthouse Funds.

Here, she specializes in lifestyle beauty & personal care and home improvement while serving on the board of Duroflex.

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Anshul Jain dealt with her share of stereotyping

Gender stereotyping has always been present even though the company appears to be inclusive. Jain, too, had to deal with some stereotyping.

While talking with WinPE, a non-profit forum for women in private equity which brings about transformation in the investing world of gender diversity, Jain talked about gender stereotyping. She said:

“One incident which has stayed with me in my early days as an investment banker- I used to accompany my male colleagues to meetings, and there was this one CFO who was very typical with how he would deal with the teams.

He would talk to my male colleagues only- which I think is one part of gender stereotyping.”

Furthermore, she adds:

“This one aspect that stayed with me was when he wanted to say something and asked me to put my fingers in my ears so I wouldn’t hear it.

Maybe it was the language or the way he talked, and he didn’t want to stop even though I was there. So, he asked me about this.

I found it hilarious on one side, and on the other, it was offensive. If a person wants to say something in front of me, say it- if they can’t, don’t.”

Jain’s focus and determination led her to where she is now

Jain is dedicated to her work and her team. Her colleagues describe her as one of the most focused people. Moreover, she has always been the kind who is open to learning new things.

Her experience in several fields comes in handy when she covers technical aspects alongside other sectors too.

Jain has invested in several companies since she started working at Lighthouse Funds. Some notable names are FabIndia, Nykaa (August 2018), Aqualite (2019) and Duroflex (October 2018), where she is a board member too.

Apart from this, Anshul Jain is a marathon runner. In a podcast on Anchor FM, she says, making mistakes is a part of growing up, so she calls it a learning process rather than a mistake.

Anshul Jain, the MD of Lighthouse Funds

Anshul Jain has had several endeavours. She worked at ICICI Securities for almost seven years before keeping her foot at Lighthouse Funds.

Previously, Anshul has had experience managing multi-faceted clients (Indian and overseas), Indian promoters, Senior Management, and Government Officials. She led several multi-functional teams consisting of lawyers, valuers and taxpayers.

Anshul’s experience and vast knowledge of her field led her to the MD position after just four years as a principal.

Alongside Anshul, Lighthouse Funds promoted Rochelle D’souza as the Managing Director as well.

The promotion was inspirational as two female principals of the company got promoted to this prestigious position due to their capabilities.

Lighthouse Funds wants a relevant tomorrow

Lighthouse Funds believe in offering a relevant today and an even more relevant tomorrow. Moreover, their entrepreneurs and investors believe India is the most dynamic and vibrant economy globally.

Sachin Bharatiya, Sean Sovak and Mukund Krishnaswami founded Lighthouse Funds in 2006 in the USA. In 2008, they began advising in India, and the rest is history.

At the moment, the funds have invested in 25 companies as they continuously seek new opportunities where they can invest between USD 10 million to USD 30 million.

Lighthouse Funds is one of the moguls in the investing industry, and Anshul Jain is a part of a conglomerate that continues to form interpersonal relationships with companies while adhering to growth and sustainability.

Image source: Anshul Jain, LinkedIn

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