[VIDEO] Do Women Entrepreneurs Face Investor Bias?

Posted: September 3, 2015

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Do women entrepreneurs in India face a subtle bias as far as investment and funding is concerned? Neha Behani, the co-Founder of Moojic shares her thoughts.

Neha Behani is Co-Founder of Moojic, an innovative in-store radio service for retail stores. They offer a customisable radio platform that can easily manage your radio network across any number of stores.

Moojic has been been recognised as one of the hottest, fast-growing start-ups in the Indian tech industry; however, it certainly wasn’t a piece of cake achieving this growth.

Moojic needed investor funding to scale up, i.e take the service across a large number of users; with complete belief in what they were doing, and a clear business plan to show investors how they would make money, Neha and her co-Founders managed to raise the funding that they needed.

In this video, Neha talks about the apprehensions that (some) investors have about women entrepreneurs, especially that familial responsibilities will impede the start-up’s growth. How did they deal with such apprehensions? Watch and find out!

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