4 Bollywood Male Actors Who I Think Are Almost Feminist!

The idea of feminism and feminists is hazy in Bollywood, and most actors don't usually speak about it. But, these 4 actors have been extremely vocal about their alignment with feminism.


In words of one of my childhood role models Emma Watson:

“If you stand for equality, then you’re a feminist.”

The concept of feminism is absolutely fantastic- I love the systematic approach towards equality for all sexes. The feminism movement has impacted a lot of individuals- initially women.

But now, the movement is pacing up to the men of our country- especially the celebrities of Bollywood. It is crucial to understand that people of power have a different aura and influence on us netizens.

So, the fact that Bollywood men are turning towards feminism is a big deal for the growth of one of the most pertinent movements of history.

Therefore, I present to you 4 Bollywood male actors who I think are feminists!

Siddharth Suryanarayan

“We’ve been selling a terrible dream in our films for long- that any man can get a woman he wants just by wanting her enough. Must change!”

Doesn’t this face seem familiar? Siddharth Suryanarayan was a part of the critically acclaimed Rang De Basanti. Apart from acting, Siddharth has been vocal about how Bollywood glorifies stalking under the facade of love.

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For example, in 2016, Siddharth condemned a sexist ad featuring Ranveer Singh- who carried a girl on his shoulder as the caption read- “Don’t hold back, take your work home.”

Apart from this, he has openly spoken about casual sexism and the problematic roles in Bollywood movies.

Shahrukh Khan

“When we say: ’empower women,’ there is nothing like empowering them. They are more powerful than us- all we need to do is give all the ladies an even playing field. That’s all they are asking for.”

Shahrukh Khan- honestly, who hasn’t had a crush on him? SRK has always been a charming man- the king of romance, if I may. But did you know that our lady charmer is a feminist in real life?

Shahrukh was the first Bollywood actor to put the female lead’s name before him in the credit rolls of his movies. Moreover, Khan has always been vocal about his treatment of children and how his sons won’t have any privilege over his daughter- and vice versa.

SRK may be the epitome of romance for Bollywood- he is a trendsetter and a feminist that respects women- in reel and real life.

Rahul Bose

“The world needs to understand that women don’t want men to look after them. Women don’t want men to protect them. Women just want conditions that give them the freedom to take their own decisions. And then, if they want to become an item dancer or a NASA scientist, it’s their choice.”

I am sure you remember Rahul Bose’s obnoxious patriarchal character from Dil Dhadakne Do? Well, fortunately- Bose is nothing like his character! He is much more and one of my favourite feminists.

Bose has been in the indie Bollywood genre for a long time, and has often spoken about gender roles in Bollywood movies. Apart from being in the industry, Bose has his NGO- ‘The Foundation.’

The Foundation works toward supporting marginalised humans from all walks of life- promoting equality. Bose has delivered lectures on gender equality at Oxford University as well.

Farhan Akhtar

“Bringing out a culture of respect for women requires redefining the concept of masculinity.”

Farhan Akhtar has always been vocal about his idea of feminism and gender roles. Be it his absolute awe initiating outlook on feminism in Dil Dhadakne Do or his work off-screen, Akhtar has always loved the idea of feminism.

In 2013, Farhan Akhtar launched a social campaign to raise social awareness against rape and discrimination against women.

The campaign, MARD, Men Against Rape and Discrimination, has stirred up lots of support globally. Akhtar even became the first male UN Women Goodwill Ambassador for Southeast Asia in 2014.

In 2013, Farhan Akhtar launched a social campaign to raise social awareness against rape and discrimination against women.

“Moreover, in 2016, Akhtar wrote a poignant letter about sexual violence and rape to his daughter. In the letter, he said:

You are growing to be a confident, independent and conscious young woman. You’ve spoken to me about the movies our industry makes, about how women are sometimes portrayed as ‘objects’ and I’ve always tried to answer your questions. It gives me great pleasure to speak with you about women and gender issues.”

The idea of feminism and feminists is hazy in Bollywood, and most actors don’t usually speak about it. But, these four actors have been extremely vocal about their idea about feminism- while most actors have stayed away from it.

Albeit it is easy to make a film about feminism and never adhere to it, these four have not backed away from being called feminists. So, here’s a cheer to these feminists from this feminist!

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