Gully Boy in Oscars
Gully Boy Goes To The Oscars, But Is It The Best Choice To Represent India?

Gully Boy may have been chosen to represent India at the Oscars because it caters to Hollywood sensibilities, but not everyone is happy that better movies, both from Bollywood and regional cinema, were overlooked.

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An Invitation To Watch ‘Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga’, With Family!

The makers of this Ladki have made sure that they have taken essential baby steps in this narrative of same sex love, getting the idea across in a film you can watch with family. Kudos!

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Let Me Bust 7 Myths About Love That Hindi Movies Create And Cause A Lot Of Damage
myths about love

We need to look elsewhere for real romance as pop-culture in general and movies in particular reinforce irrational ideas, and myths about love and relationships.

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What Do We Know Of The Women Off-Camera Who Create History In Bollywood?
Changemakers review

While all of us may know the women on-screen, how much do we know of the gritty ladies behind it, those not in the limelight? Changemakers brings us the stories of these real life heroines.

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Lalita Iyer’s Sridevi Shines In Its Nuanced Exploration Of The Life Of The Onscreen Queen

A fan's tribute to the superstar - Lalita Iyer's Sridevi: A Queen of Hearts - is exactly what it sounds like, and should be read as much for the author's razor sharp style, as for the iconic actor herself.

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‘There’s A Song For Every Mood’ And 6 Other Life Lessons That Bollywood Taught Me

As a movie buff, Bollywood holds a special place in my heart. Despite the criticism that Hindi movies are over the top, or divorced from reality, here are a few life lessons I learnt from them.

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