A Short History Of Kissing And Erotic Scenes In Hindi Movies; Going Full Circle

For long, Bollywood has been shy of showing sexually liberated heroines and erotic scenes in popular movies. Here’s how things changed over time.

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Why Tabu, Star Of The Runaway Hit Andhadhun Is India’s Meryl Streep

There are very few actors in India, for whom competition and the box-office numbers are immaterial because their sheer talent in acting is a powerful force to reckon with in the first place. Meet Tabu.

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Raazi Director Meghna Gulzar Speaks Of Her Dad, Legendary Writer-Poet Gulzar, Because He Is…
Because He Is... by Meghna Gulzar

Because He is… by Meghna Gulzar is a personal narration - a daughter’s perspective of her illustrious father-writer-poet-director Gulzar’s accomplishments.

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5 Ways Bollywood Has Of Glorifying Mothers And Making Life Difficult For Women

Movies have systematically glorified motherhood and in the process have made life so much more difficult for women, who as moms are put on a pedestal, and prevented from being their own person.

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10 Romantic Movies That Mean Something To Me Personally, Linked To Beautiful Memories…
romantic movies

While I do not watch too many films, these romantic movies are my favourites, not just because they have been so well made, but because each of them is toed with some personal memories.

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‘What Will People Say’ Is About South Asian Parents’ Need For Control Over Their Daughters
what will people say

As long as patriarchal families make 'log kya kahenge' their mantra to control women's lives and bodies, there will be horror stories like Norway's foreign language entry to the Oscars, What Will People Say.

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