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Am a trained and experienced features writer with 25 plus years of experience .My favourite subjects are women's issues, food travel, art,culture ,literature et all.Am a true feminist at heart. An iconoclast and near atheist I steer clear of major part of social practices customs dogmas and superstitions. Love to drink life to the dregs


outdated wedding rituals
Illogical, Thoughtless, Outdated Wedding Rituals Like These Are… Appalling Today!

Daughters are NOT things to give away, nor are they in any DEBT to their parents. Time to chuck outdated wedding rituals; move with the times. 

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The Road Not Taken – A Tale of Missed Chances and What Ifs…

Did he love me...did he not? This puzzle was solved years later, but...

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When A Bachelor Married A Widow With A Child 60 Yrs Ago, Unheard Of In Indian Society Then Or Now…

Asha contributed substantially to the family’s income. Therefore, to lose her would mean losing the proverbial goose that laid golden eggs.

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covid jab
How I Almost Died After My 1st Vaccine Jab For COVID

I had a serious, life threatening reaction to the 1st jab of Covishield, and I'm thankful just to be alive and recovering, though I'm still wondering...

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After Our Marriage Was Fixed & Declared To The World, He Said He Couldn’t Marry Outside Community

Caste, religion, and region hold a lot of prominence in a marriage alliance. It’s difficult to find open-minded people. And, sometimes when found, it might just be a sham!

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only girl
‘Only Girl?’ 4 Couples Who Refused To Be Daunted By This Intrusive Desi Question

In a society that penalises its women if they give birth to girls and devalues its daughters, a choice to have an only girl child is revolutionary.

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widowing ceremony
Hindu Widowing Ceremony Is Downright Brutal; Yet Refuses To Die Out In Places

The Hindu widowing ceremony is one of the our women's special trauma making traditions for our those who are already in a traumatic situation.

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How Unfair Is It That Only Wives Address Their Husbands As ‘Aap’!

For years, women have been conditioned to call their husbands 'aap,' while they are being called 'tu.' Will this discrimination ever end?

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The Curious Case Of Bahus Having To Maintain Distance From Their Husband’s Male Relatives

Indian bahus have far too many rules imposed on them - including 'staying away' from their husband's male relatives. Ever wondered why?

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As A New Bride, I Was Expected To Have Sparkling Teeth & No Voice Or Urges!

From checking whether I had body odour to judging my gait and clothes, as a new bride, I suffered endless ordeals in the first few days!

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Stop Behaving Like Couples Choosing Not To Have Kids Are Committing A Sin!

Couples choosing the DINK (Double income no kids) life is quite popular now. It's time we accepted parenting isn't the all that couples seek!

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Not All Stepmoms Are Wicked; My Step Daadi Was An Extraordinary Woman!

The author recalls her grandmother who wasn't related to her by blood - her father's stepmother - but who was an extraordinary and loving woman.

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Why Are Indian Wives Mocked If They Want To ‘Doll Up’ Post Motherhood?!

Why do Indians, especially husbands, make fun of their wives for having an interest in grooming, dressing up, make-up, etc., once they have kids?

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Why Do Men Hate Doing Domestic Chores Even When Their Wives Are Overburdened?

Men feeling their egos are challenged. Mothers feeling their precious sons should not be imposed upon. Result - men won't do household chores.

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2020 Was Bad For Us As A Family But Sometimes Adversity Can Be Surprisingly Sweet!

While realising that she was privileged enough to escape the worst of the pandemic, the author speaks of how they coped with another related disaster.

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Though My FIL Was A Doctor, The Women In My Sasural Were Incredibly Superstitious!

My father-in-law was a doctor, however, my husband's family was incredibly superstitious and indulged certain peculiar practices!

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The Sailor I Met Years Ago Was Unsure About Commitment But Was Okay With Unlimited Dating

Years ago, I met a sailor who I believed was 'The One' for me. Unfortunately, he wanted to date casually and I wanted something serious...

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My Colleague Was Interested In Me, But Our Students And Other Colleagues Only Hounded Us!

One of my colleagues at school and I shared a beautiful friendship. Unfortunately, rumours were spread leading to us having to part ways.

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We Had Barely Got Acquainted When The Fellow Started Acting Fresh With Me…

Perhaps he had expected I would jump into bed with him. Who knows? Unable to evoke any response from me he gave it up, saying that I was so inhibited; I was good for nothing!

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Why Can Only Fair Be Lovely, With Lighter Skinned Women Literally ‘Prized’ Like Objects?

Is fairness the be-all and end-all of life? Is it fairness, and nothing else besides, that makes women attractive, desirable and eligible for love?

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Why Should Parents And ‘Maaika’ Be Dragged In Every Time A Bride Makes A Mistake?

Why are most Indian brides scrutinised by in-laws and expected to be 'perfect' in everything they do, otherwise it is all their parents' fault?

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I Was Labelled A Greedy Pig And More Because My In-Laws Thought I Ate Too Much

In my marital home, if I asked for more food than my usual intake, my MIL and SIL would scream at me and call me a greedy glutton or a pig!

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‘Kalmuhi’ To ‘Karamjali’ Why Do Women Curse Other Women Especially When Expressing Anger?

From calling women names to cursing them a life of bad-luck, it is an interesting phenomenon of women cursing other women, especially their DILs.

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new couple
Imagine As A New Couple Living With Only Flimsy Curtains Separating You From In-Laws…

So many in India live in joint or extended families and small homes, with the only privacy a couple gets is by hanging curtains or mosquito nets.

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I Knew My Parents Loved Me But Their Attitude Towards Me Was Violent And Flawed…

My parents were extremely affectionate and epitome of harshness in the same breath. They gave me a harrowing time through my adolescent years.

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Kanika Banerjee: Worth Her Weight In Gold

Kanika’s world revolved around music; she ate, drank, slept and dreamt music.

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Say Goodbye To Prawn Cravings With These Bengali Chingri Dishes!

While you're stuck at home in isolation, cooking could be a great way to bond with the family. And what better than Bengali prawn recipes to do so!

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If You’re A Chutney Lover, This Bengali Papaya Chutney Is A Must Try For You!

If you thought Bengali cuisine was all about rice and fish, this unique papaya chutney recipe will correct your misconceptions!

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Shaking Orthodoxy To The Core, Aparna Sen’s Heroines Refuse To Bow Down And Be Doormats!

Aparna Sen's heroines (and movies) take on the prevailing orthodoxies of Indian cinema - often with sisterhood at their very core.

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I Decided Early On To Defy Absurd Social Norms For Women, And I’ve Done Quite OK, I Think!

If all women showed the same confidence as the author of this piece, feminism will have achieved its goal. Do read this personal account of a life well spent.

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Why I Will Never Advocate Matrimony As The ‘Ultimate Goal’ For Women

Marriages have always been 'mandatory' in our culture, but singlehood is so much better than living in an abusive or even loveless marriage! 

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Have You Been Called ‘Aunty’ By A Young Something? Time To Take Offence, For These Reasons

Age is just a number, and branding a woman as an 'aunty' because of her marital status, presence of children, greying hair, looks, etc., is just not done.

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Their Bond Survived…Till Death Parted Them

A heart-warming love story that stood the test of time and lasted a lifetime. 

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When I received An Indecent Proposal…

I candidly confess that I have not been lucky in love though I have had my fair share of relationships. But, this particular incident left me shellshocked!

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Gauhar Jaan
The First Indian Woman To Record Her Music, Gauhar Jaan Paved The Way For Future Singers

Gauhar Jaan. The name conjures up almost mythical images of courtly splendour, Hindustani classical music, and gramophone records. Who was she, and what is her story?

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Kanan Bala: The First Singing Star Of Indian Cinema

The first female singing star of India's cine world, Kanan Bala led a tumultuous, eventful life, that inspired an entire generation of playback singers.

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“Sex Is Enjoyable, Not Despicable!” Here’s What Ancient Indians Had To Say About It

Even if often patriarchal in its focus on male pleasure, ancient Indian attitudes to sexuality were far from restrictive. An insightful read.

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first flame
I Wanted To Marry My First Flame, But He Wanted His Ex-Wife’s Approval For Our Marriage!

I had loved him from afar as a teenager, and carried a flame for him for years. Now when I was engaged to my first flame, he wanted his ex-wife's approval!

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problems of joint families
The Modern, Millennial Bahu In A Traditional Joint Family. Does It Work?

What are the problems that modern daughters-in-law face in joint families? What are the problems of joint families in today's times? A daughter-in-law muses from experience.

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altar of marriage
She Was My Cousin. She Was A Victim At The Altar Of Marriage

This is the sordid tale of an ill-fated girl who died an untimely death. She looked for happiness, but was sacrificed by a patriarchal society on the altar of marriage.

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Indian society
Here’s Proof Of Male Privilege In India’s ‘Glorious Past’ – Why Should Men Have All The Fun Even Now?

Indian society has been biased towards its boys and men since all our known history, as can be gleaned from mythology and sacred scriptures, as well as historical records.

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Do Not Let These Superstitions Cramp Your Style. Believe In A Rational Self Instead!

Despite this being the new millennium, we Indians still believe in a lot of superstitions which are mostly do not make any sense. What about you?

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