Girls, if you wish to wear see through or sleeveless tops…please clean your under arms

This trend is visible everywhere. For most part of the year, excepting the winter months.  Females of  all age groups  –  trendy  teens,  young married ones, middle aged  and what have you –  wear the whackiest  of blouses  and tops,( often designer ones  as  well)  BUT  forget to clean –yes you have guessed it right  – their hairy armpits.

Let me tell you, it is an ugly sight. I personally find it nauseating. A large number of women don semi- transparent upper garments the material being net, lace or a blend  of both. Like it or not it is uncouth to notice dark patches in their armpits which detract from the beauty of the garments.

Let me narrate horrific experience, during a metro ride. I was blissfully sitting on an end seat, lost in thought, when suddenly stench entered my nostrils; I looked up and saw a ‘youngish’ woman clad in a sleeveless blouse   (dirty armpit to boot) holding onto the handrail above   my head. And, as if is this was not enough a few drops of (her) sweat dribbled onto my kurta. Aghast, I clutched my nose with the dupatta.  She noticed my impulsive action, glanced at   her armpit, discovered the ‘flaw’ lowered her arm and then (thankfully) moved away!

Now let  us do some plain talking. Hair on human body is perfectly normal and natural. You and I and everyone else have it. One is  absolutely free to do what  he or she likes with it :  cut,  trim, shave or  shape   and blah blah…But  most of us  I guess  do not  ponder  that people  around you might find  a ‘free show’ of this kind a trifle awkward.  Secondly, the blistering heat coupled with profuse sweating make things worse.  I am sure some of you will agree with me on this point.

Women, do you feel lethargic to undertake this ‘cleansing’ task? Afraid of nicks and cuts?  Well, there are freely available,  over- the- counter  hair removing creams galore; or else head to the nearest beauty parlour for a smooth, professional waxing job.  For a price of course.

Having said this, I am afraid some fanatic feminists  might vehemently accuse me of infringing  their natural freedom. However   I am going to stick to my guns:   clean underarms are a   sine qua non for skimpy (read revealing) apparels.  Or  else, you  may sport  as much body  hair as  you  please,  but for Heavens’ sake  remember to keep it  under wraps!


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