Though Separated By Distances, My BFFs Are Inseparable Part of My Life

Explore the power of long-distance friendships that transcend geographical boundaries, nurtured by trust, understanding, and loyalty over decades.

The other day I was pleasantly surprised to read a post on distant BFFs on this very forum. I was even more delighted to discover how her experience appeared similar to what I had undergone. Therefore I decided to pen down my sentiments here as well.

Suvajit went to the same kindergarten as me. We were of the same age born a few months apart. He resided in the same neighbourhood as me. Since our families were acquainted with each other, were left free to play, romp, or fool around. I am reminded of “Seasons in the Sun” a famous pop song of yesteryears “ Together we climbed the hills and trees, skinned our hearts and skinned our knees; learnt of love in ABC…” And then it was time to move on.

The Unbreakable Bonds of Long-Distance Friendships

My father a banker was posted in the national capital. Suvajit’s dad got transferred to Patna. We parted ways promising to keep in touch through letters. And trust me we did. Decades later, after we had grown up and finished our studies, Suvajit found a lucrative job, married, and settled down in Kolkata. As for me I married a local guy and stayed put in Delhi. Importantly, we dutifully invited each other to our weddings and dispatched gifts befitting the occasion. Later when each of us became a parent we kept each other posted about the new arrivals, not forgetting to exchange baby pictures.

Now settled into blissful matrimony, roaring households, and grown-up kids we maintain constant touch over the phone and yes – you guessed it right- WhatsApp.

A few years ago when Suvajit was diagnosed with cancer I was shell-shocked. Accompanied by the partner I flew in to be beside him. Early detection, coupled with his fighting spirit, and unwavering confidence helped him to conquer the lethal ailment. I can’t thank the Almighty enough for this.

Friendship Beyond Geographical Boundaries

In the next chapter of my life which unfolded in Delhi, I became friends with Prema who was in the same grade. We lived close by, rode the same bus to school, played together after school, and walked in and out of our homes. After three years Prema’s Dad an army engineer got posted in Jabalpur, Pune, and Goa consecutively. Thereafter we never lived in the same place again but maintained constant touch in diverse ways.

Since my family was fond of travelling we made elaborate plans and visited her at each of these stations. Through our adolescence and youth, we developed identical tastes in music, literature, and politics. Medical profession and matrimony later she now lives in Tamil Nadu. During moments of agony or turmoil, we have ears and shoulders for one another. I received the greatest testimony of her loyalty when, a few months ago, amidst a deep economic crisis I appealed to her for aid. Without a single query, she dispatched the amount which was far more than what I had asked for!

Summing up I feel that where bonds of trust, mutual understanding, and faith are unshakable physical distance does not matter.

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