Colleagues To Confidants, 13 Years Since And Going Strong!

We talk about everything from fashion, steal deals, quick recipes, parenting tips, and relationship advice!

“Work friendships are not permanent,” with this very thought my third-year engineering friends validated my BPO job back in 2010, to keep my finances running. I too, did not have any different opinion, had heard of corporate culture and politics to a level where the idea of establishing long-term friendships at the workplace did not entice me!

I barely worked there for 6 months and made a few yet very close friends. And the only one with whom I still am in touch is Sanjana, AKA Seenu! For me, she was and will always be Seenu!

When I entered the team, she already had a set of friends, and so I too made a different set of friends. But our friendship majorly flourished when we both stepped out of office. We kept in touch through text messages. There was a dry spell in between when we both got married and lost touch, but one text message and things were back on track.

Our friendship deepened after we reconnected

We both have seen major transformations in each other’s lives, and we have entitled our friendship a distance friendship because we have been away more than we have been together! We fix each other like Naina & Aditi from YJHD.

When we were colleagues, we had a slight restriction on the kind of topics we used to discuss, but when we reconnected out of our office, the conversation has been seamless and unfiltered! We talk about everything from fashion, steal deals, quick recipes, parenting tips, and relationship advice! Apart from the other topics, our personal lives are open with each other, so much so that the gist of a situation gives us an idea of the whole situation, we do not have to describe it in detail!

For the world, we may not be colleagues anymore, but for both of us, we still hold a hint of that role too! We both are managing a Facebook community together. There has been a little dry spell there of late, but for the last two years, we managed to plan and schedule activities regularly. It has been a challenging task, considering the responsibilities that we already have, but we make it possible!

She is the one who has helped me rediscover the power of female friendships. She is a risk taker, an adventurer who always motivates me to try new things which I would have not otherwise! Her quickness and my adrenaline rush sometimes coincide, but fortunately only good happened out of it. If someone tries to be nasty on social media for either of us, we face it together. And the much-awaited birthday surprises, we both do not wait for birthdays, we wait for each other’s surprises as they are really good ones. And hence, keeping in mind the song I sang for her, I would like to end the blog with the same:

Seenu, Mere Liye Tum Kaafi Ho! 

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