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Friendship Day
If You Are Not A Diamond, Then Are You Really My friend?

Are diamonds super personified, probably due to their exorbitant, astonishing value with an ever luminescent sparkle and being a source of pleasure alongside being equally resilient for enduring pressure?

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Why Workplace Friendships Are Crucial To Help You Reach Your Full Potential
workplace friendships

We have to go beyond only getting the job done. Workplace friendships help us connect with others in the same boat, and avoid burnout or breakdowns.

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Why Are Female Friendships So Misunderstood? Smashing 4 Stereotypes!

When a man is a bad friend, he represents only himself as an individual. But every time a woman is a bad friend, she somehow becomes a representation of her entire gender. Is that fair?

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I Want To Scream Out Loud That My Single Status Is None Of Their Business

I want to be number one to someone other than my mother. I want to matter most to someone, to be their first phone call, the first person they think of. And I am not.

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7 Crucial Ways In Which A Girl Gang Keeps You Going At Any Age
girl gang

As women, so many of us lose previously close ties with our girl gang after marriage, as our focus is expected to change to husband, in-laws, kids, and family.  

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Netflix Series FireFly Lane Based On Kristin Hannah’s Book Is A Tribute To Women’s Friendships
Neflix series Firefly Lane

A good series about women's friendships, I recommend Netflix series Firefly Lane, based on Kristin Hannah's book of the same name.

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