I Found Life Changing Friendships At The Workplace, My Travel Buddies Now

When we're asked to "keep it professional" at work, and when jobs are changed frequently, who knew I would find my besties at work?

I have always believed that friends are the only relationship close to you that you get to choose, all the others you inherit.

While schooling and graduating from college, we make vows that we will always keep in touch with our friends, meet often and over a period we realize they probably only remain to be on our friend list on Facebook or Insta with a few likes and comments here and there. I had started believing this is how friendships are meant to be, so enjoy whatever time you get with them and once you depart, you are only left with hope!

I found two of my besties at work

And who would have thought of making friends at work, especially when you change jobs so often these days? I had a lot of skepticism and apprehension around this concept and yes what about the always keep it professional rule in the corporate world, more so when you wear the HR hat! But life has its own way of defying what you think and believe and this is no hidden secret anymore that I found two of my BFFs in the workplace.

My pillars of strength

They are my travel buddies, my sob partners and also my tag alongs when I want to try new food and drinks. Friendship knows no gender so I can talk and discuss just about everything with them, for I know they will not ever judge me for what I say or do, unlike the world ever so ready to gun you down. We have travelled around India together, had a lot of candid talks and did some crazy stuff which we did in college but relived those in our 40’s.

Being with them feels like I am back in college and can be myself again. And the good thing is – I don’t have to worry that these friendships will end when we change jobs since these bonds go beyond the place, it is built on common interests, experiences and what we want out of life and this relationship – a friend who may not be available physically to share a glass of champagne when I achieve success but will surely be there when I need to mix my tears with wine and cry in the rain, so no one else can see!!

So, here’s to a bunch of crazy friends who I cherish and will keep close to heart all my life – CHEERS!!

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