How We Nurtured A Lifelong Friendship That Goes Beyond Work

Through life’s triumphs and tribulations, my friend H and I remain each other’s confidantes, upholding a connection that spans time and space.

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Chasing Goals And Sharing Laughs At Work!
Chasing Goals and Sharing Laughs

When Ferieda and I became friends, I never imagined that we'd end up working together, but we did, and made it work.

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I Found Life Changing Friendships At The Workplace, My Travel Buddies Now
Life changing Friendships in the workplace

When we're asked to "keep it professional" at work, and when jobs are changed frequently, who knew I would find my besties at work?

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How Can Workplace Friendships Thrive Or Have Depth In This Age Of Social Media?

In this era of connecting on social media and chatting on WhatsApp, for someone who already struggles with opening up, it's extremely difficult to form significant bonds.

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Independent, Capable Women Need Friends At Work Too!
Capable  Women Need Friends Too #Workplace Friendhships

When I moved to a small town after marriage and set up my own business, I had no women friends... until S came along.

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The Girl Who Showed Me Kindness In A Strange New Office

Meeting a friend didn't solve all her problems, of course, but with a roof over her and a compassionate friend by her side, the other fights became easier.

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