Melanie Lobo is a freelance writer. She grew up in cities across India but now calls Pune home. Her husband and son keep her on her toes and inspire her with new writing material daily. When Melanie isn't stringing together sentences for her next article, or juggling her son's busy schedule, she sings soprano with a choir in Pune.

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Chasing Goals and Sharing Laughs
Chasing Goals And Sharing Laughs At Work!

When Ferieda and I became friends, I never imagined that we'd end up working together, but we did, and made it work.

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Return To Work Stories from The Frontline That Will Inspire You to Get Started

Are you a woman looking to return to work? Here we share inspiring return-to-work stories of three women who went on to carve out remarkable careers.

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Father's Day
I Miss You Daddy More Than I Can Say…

On Father's Day, a daughter writes a heartfelt tribute to her father, whom she lost five years ago. This one will touch the farthest corners of your heart.

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How To File A Police Complaint In India?

Most women would be a trifle intimidated when making a police complaint. Here is a complete guide on how to file a police complaint in India.

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7 Inspiring Indian Women In Manufacturing Who Began Their Career On The Shop Floor

Women in manufacturing are seen as oddities, out of place in what is considered a man's job. Here is a look at 7 such Indian women who began their career on the shop floor.

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Army Wives: Talking To The Families Of Army Martyrs, Our Unknown, Unsung, And Silent Heroes

Incidents like the Pathankot attack bring sharply to us the loss that families of army martyrs suffer. A few army wives share their darkest memories about how they coped.

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Want To Join The Indian Armed Forces? 4 Courageous Women Give Us A Peek Into Armed Forces Life

Want a career in the Indian armed forces? Here’s the lowdown from a few Indian women in the army, air force and navy.

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How To Register A Food Business In India

Have you ever wondered how to register a food business in India? Do you have a food business you want to register? If yes, here are all the nitty gritties to get it registered.

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PTA meetings
How To Use Parent Teacher Meetings More Productively

Should PTA meetings be all about marks or about a child’s overall development? Tips for Indian moms and dads attending PTA meetings

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How Indian women can overcome shyness at work
How To Overcome Shyness At Work

Shyness could be a disadvantage for many working women in India. Some tips on how to overcome shyness and gain visibility at work.

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Career Tips For Women Entering Workforce Late
Career Tips For Women Entering Workforce Late

Can you begin your career in your mid-30s? Two Indian women share their career tips for women who are beginning late careers.

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Talking To Your Daughter About Menstruation
Talking To Your Daughter About Menstruation

Wondering how to talk to your daughter about menstruation? Some Indian moms share their experiences of teaching their kids about menstruation.

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About parenting as a stepmom
The Stepmom’s Story

Does the stereotyped stepmother exist? 3 Indian moms tell us why they aren’t clichés and talk about parenting when being a stepmom.

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The Rise Of The Home Bakers

Among women entrepreneurs who start home based businesses, home bakers are all the rage! But how easy – or difficult – is it?

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Working mothers can benefit from useful apps for parents
4 Useful Apps For Modern Parents

4 great apps for parents that make the lives of parents (and especially working mothers) easier!

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Hygiene During Periods
Hygiene During Periods: What’s New?

Women’s health needs have evolved over time. Some alternate menstruation products that are comfortable, affordable and help maintain hygiene during periods.

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Women Entrepreneurs: Starting Young
Women Entrepreneurs: Starting Young

Meet these young women entrepreneurs in India who have become successful business women while still in college!

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Health Insurance Plans For Indian Women

Health insurance plans are a safety net for women’s health and help greatly during medical emergencies. Learn more on health insurance coverage for women.

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Outdoor Activities With Kids

Outdoor activities with kids can be fun! Choose from nature walks for kids, trekking in India or camping with children!

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Art Careers
Alternate Careers In Art

Considering interesting and creative art career options? Some suggestions to help you in the search for alternate careers in art!

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Best Fitness Apps For Women
6 Best Fitness Apps For Women

Gym memberships are passé. Here are 6 best fitness apps for women that will help you get fit anywhere, anytime!

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Home Based Jobs for Women
How To Start Home Based Business Of Dressmaking

Home based business are on the rise! Meet the women entrepreneurs who started a home based business of dressmaking for children in India.

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Pain Relief For Indian Women During Childbirth

Brush up on your awareness of pain relief options during labour and delivery. It can be very useful for expectant Indian moms.

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Should Indian moms abstain from hitting their children?
Hitting Your Child: Ever A Good Idea?

While a spank might have worked for many of us,it raises eyebrows today. Is hitting your child ever a good idea?

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Indian moms learn to let go
Letting Go: A Mother’s Perspective

In the Indian cultural context, how can mothers learn to let go and help their children lead meaningful, independent lives? Read on!

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Motherhood And Career Networking

Is motherhood the end of career networking? Let’s find out from some mothers who’ve been there, done that!

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How working mothers can keep their kids occupied in summer
Kids’ Holidays & The Working Parent

Summer holidays herald a dilemma for working parents; how do you keep your kids occupied? Let’s find out!

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Caring For The Aged – And Yourself

The experiences of five women who have cared for an elderly family member – how they coped and what we can learn from them.

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Teaching kids about culture in multicultural families
Not Lost In Translation!

With inter-cultural Indian marriages becoming common, do parents in multilingual families fear their children losing out on either parent’s cultures?

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Eating Disorders
Anorexia: The Race To Thinness

With ‘thin is in’ becoming a part of the young urban Indian woman’s psyche, can Anorexia be far behind?

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Health Tips For Preventing Osteoporosis

With women prone to osteoporosis as they grow older, here are some health tips for preventing osteoporosis in Indian women.

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How To Make Your Office Space Greener

Saving our planet is the key phrase on everybody’s lips these days. Can you contribute your bit to sustainable development?

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Childfree By Choice

An increasing number of women in India are opting to be childfree by choice; no, they are not anti-social or child-haters.

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career in the social sector
Dealing With A Miscarriage

Miscarriages are heartbreaking but they do happen to many Indian moms. Women need support when dealing with miscarriages.

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The role of Indian moms in preventing child sexual abuse
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: Let’s talk!

Breaking the silence and talking about it is the first step in creating child sexual abuse awareness and preventing child sexual abuse.

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4 Women Entrepreneurs In Unlikely Places

Women entrepreneurs in big metros often hog the limelight. Yet, these small town women entrepreneurs of India are doing great too!

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Can Working With Your Spouse Work?

Conventional wisdom regards working with your spouse in the same organisation as a bad idea. Being together 24*7 - too close for comfort?

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Flexible working hours
How To Make Flexi-working Succeed

'Flexi-working' as a option is helping a career for women take off in India: Part time work, working from home, flexi hours, we find out what it means!

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Get Help For Clinical Depression In Women

Many Indian women suffer from depression. But women’s health can greatly improve if depression in women is diagnosed and treated properly.

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Writing Your Resume After A Break

How to write your resume after a career break, and return to work after a gap in employment

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3 Health Tips For Working During Pregnancy
3 Health Tips For Working During Pregnancy

Working during pregnancy can be difficult; some health tips to handle the challenges and to look after your health and nutrition.

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