10 Yum, Easy Recipes That Can Save You During The Lockdown (And After Too!)

Are you looking for some quick, easy recipes for meals that can be made in a jiffy with minimum ingredients and taste yum too? Read on.

Are you looking for some quick, easy recipes for meals that can be made in a jiffy with minimum ingredients and taste yum too? Read on.

Lockdown got extended in India, and you are still stranded at home? Your family and professional lives need to be juggled, and you are still relying on self- help, right?

Well, this might be your case and so many other women in India. While you can manage the household chores within the family; is it possible that you consider some easy recipes that could be prepared with the least effort and ensure full nutrition?

Yes, while you feel it’s not the right time to showcase your culinary skills, make sure you make family meals that serve the purpose of a rightful existence, and not a time taking boring item. Your time is most valuable, as the 21st-century women probably have to manage the 360 degrees of life.

Let’s see some easy recipes that could be your savior during the lock down.

Egg n vegetable scallop

If you are looking for a quick and wholesome brunch recipe, it’s all here.

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Chop potatoes, onions, broccoli, mushrooms, spring onions, (use veggies you like) and cook well in a frying pan. Use a dollop of butter to toss on either side and allow settling down. Take four eggs, add salt according to taste, and then spread over the vegetable, without beating or blending them. Allow the eggs to settle and then let them solidify over the vegetables in the pan. Sprinkle some herbs over the solidified crust and then lay the tray on your dining table.

While you scrape out the portions, the vegetable along with the hot, molten yolk of the egg will be a mind-boggling sight and an explosion of taste as well.

Dinner buns, baked not fried

Are you fond of eating muffins? Probably the one with filling inside and a cheesy burst? Yes, you can make your favorite bun at home, if you have an oven.

Image from swetawriter

Make the dough with yeast, salt, sugar, and white flour; keep it covered with a wet cloth for at least an hour. The filling could be prepared by cooking chopped paneer and vegetables. Once the dough raises, make equal portions, and put the stuffing inside, along with some shredded cheddar cheese. Brush some oil and bake the buns at 180 degrees Celsius and for 30 minutes.

The hot buns are ready to be gulped down. You won’t resist the fresh flavor of the bakery, I guarantee.

Healthy oats meal

Oats are fiber-rich and recommended for all those diabetics who look towards a healthy snack.

Image By vrk1219Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Saute all vegetables of your choice and then add some water to simmer for some time. Add the cooked oats, add ghee to it and then top with some chopped coriander leaves. You may include onions, tomato, sweet corn, carrots, and broccoli chopped into smaller pieces and then cook; add a cup of oat to form the meal.

Enjoy the bowl filled with fiber and happiness.

Quick banana fritters

The most accessible source of carbohydrates could be a banana, and this is one of those very easy recipes. Are you looking towards a sweet-snack, perhaps which can be savored with evening tea and a favorite for your kids? You must prepare mashed banana fritters.

easy recipes - banana fritters

Image By Shubert Ciencia from Nueva Ecija, Philippines – Maruya/Banana Fritters (Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya), CC BY 2.0, Link

Mash some banana, add a pinch of cinnamon flavor, sugar, semolina (suji), one tablespoon oats, and some chopped dry fruits. Make the dough and then release flattened balls in the frying pan. Remove the dough when solidified and golden brownish in texture. Wipe off the extra oil using a tissue paper and then serve the fritters.

You will love this mind-boggling, delicious snack. Naturally, a never before sweet meal for your kids.

Vermicelli upma

Vermicelli is a widely used food item in India used to make all types of a quick snack. It’s an active source of carbohydrate, and you can cook it like a traditional Upma.

Image by swetawriter

Heat oil and sizzle mustard seeds, and add curry leaves to it. Add the vegetables and saute; add water to it and simmer for some time. Then you can add the vermicelli. Dry roasting the vermicelli before will prevent them from getting too soggy.

Sprinkle some lemon juice over the vermicelli and then serve. The exhilarating smell will rejuvenate your senses, and you will love the dish.

Bread pulao

Bread is called ‘Jack of all trades,’ and can be adapted to a host of easy recipes. It’s an unavoidable item for breakfast and even snacks. Bread can be made into an excellent pulao with vegetables and some dry fruits.

easy recipes - bread pulao

Image from swetawriter

Cook the chopped vegetable like onion, tomatoes, potato, cauliflower, and baby corn together and then add bread to it. Sprinkle water over the bread to make it manageable, and it will blend with the vegetable. Add dry fruits to it and then garnish with chopped coriander leaves.

This will be the most desired meal/snack item for your family. Easy and delicious, try bread pulao whenever you are back from work or want to eat something different.

No-roll parantha

Parantha is mouth-watering stuff, but the hard work and caliber of skill needed lie in making dough and rolling them up especially if it is stuffed. I believe the shape and size of parantha also make a difference in taste.

easy recipes - paratha

Image from swetawriter

If you want to avoid the arduous task of preparing the dough and then rolling for the best fluffy parantha, I suggest you do this hack.

Make a batter with flour, salt, oil, milk, and water and make a smooth batter, with no signs of a lump in it. Fold in any veggies used after chopping them fine, and spread the batter over a non-stick frying pan. Cover and allow one side to cook and then turn on the other side. Slide one teaspoon of ghee around the edges.

The dough will solidify and rise in volume, just like a normal parantha. Flip sides to see the other side increase in size. Now, when either side turns slightly golden brownish, remove the parantha into a plate. Enjoy parantha with a side dish, pickles, and sauces, or any way you like. That’s the magic of enjoying crispy parantha without the hassle of rolling thin.

Orange chicken

Don’t think that chicken could lend itself to any easy recipes? You’ll be surprised. Try this orange chicken, with a fruit that is essential, especially in the COVID season.

easy recipes - orange chicken

Image from swetawriter

Coat boneless chicken with egg and white flour batter and then fry them.

Heat oil in a container and then prepare the sauce by sauteing crushed ginger, garlic with tomato puree. You may add rosemary to it. Add the juice extracted from five oranges and then add to the mixture. Cook for some time till the consistency becomes thick. Pour over the chicken pieces, and your chicken with tantalizing sauce is ready. Garnish with sliced oranges for that galvanic look. It’s comfortable yet tantalizing; you will love this never before item of chicken.

Quick and easy ‘instant’ dosa

To prepare dosa, you need not soak the dough the previous night. It’s possible to make instant dosa if you have urad dal and poha (beaten rice) at home.

Image source: Flickr

Soak the urad dal for 1 hour and add the poha along with 1 cup of water. Shift them to a blender and blend well. Add salt, along with half a cup of sour curd.

After it stands for half an hour, mix well, and it’s ready for your dosa. Ladle with a spoon and spread evenly over the dosa pan, till it solidifies. Enjoy mouth-watering, crispy dosa with chutney of your choice.

Crispy apple, every day

There is a saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apple could be prepared as a crispy dessert, and your family will love the dish to the moon and back.

Image source: YouTube

De-skin apples and slice them to smaller pieces. Coat the apples with a mixture of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Add 1 tablespoon of oats along with crushed dry fruits. Microwave the entirety for 15 minutes. Remove and then allow to cool down.

The apple will turn crispy when cooled; you can enjoy with a dollop of whipped crème over it.

Do let us know your easy recipes that you bank on, too.

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