10 Jobs For Homemakers To Be Financially Independent

These jobs for homemakers are ways to have your own independent earnings, even if, like many women, you are unable to work at a full-time job.

These jobs for homemakers are ways to have your own independent earnings, even if you can’t work at a full-time job.

The 21st century is all about being independent, bold and smart. Working women jostle for time between their work and home, while some homemakers feel they cannot fancy upon their husband’s income hundred percent (or father or other male, as the case may be).

Well, it’s a matter of upping your involvement, which would keep a homemaker busy and earn her a bit of financial independence. This is especially for those in metropolitan cities, where making time out of your schedule can be challenging and where commuting to work might be quite a time-consuming task.

Let’s look at some part-time jobs for homemakers which would help a woman be financially independent within her comfort level.

Become a freelance writer

If you have a knack for writing, offer yourself as a ghost writer to various websites/writing agencies. If you are a student of literature, technology, finance or economics, but happened to give up your career due to circumstances, there is no reason to feel guilty. There are lot of websites who are looking for freelance writers, and many agencies who recruit part time writers. Look for authentic ones, which have a good rating and pay their writers in time. If you are a travel freak, share your experience writing travelogues and guides for aspiring travellers.

You can even author your own book of fiction or non- fiction.

Cater meals for other families

If you are good at cooking, offer your services to women you know, who lack the time to cook at home: If you are a mother of a school going kid, and a well networked individual, you might know people who lack time to cook their meals at home. These could be working women, bachelors, who cannot cook at home but are looking for healthy home cooking. It’s time you show your culinary skills and earn contracts for daily meals or party orders.

Baking experts have a great opportunity to earn by crafting cakes and biscuits at home.

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Driving is one of the jobs for homemakers too!

If you are a good driver and drive your child to school, offer to pick up her or his friends. You might be a good driver, dropping and picking up your kids at school, it’s time you offer a lift to others following the same route.

When you are a mother, you will be extra careful about your kid’s friends, who share a comfortable relationship with you, as compared to a driver. Use the opportunity of the situation where your trust can earn you some extra pennies. But yes, that involves great responsibility.

With a bit of experience you might own a fleet of cars or manage a transport company of your own.

Are you good at art and craft?

If you are good at craft/art, you could offer a helping hand to your kid’s friends making projects for school. Are you a creative person and help your kid accomplish his work education projects? Perhaps your child’s classmates are looking for the same help. Projects are an inevitable part of education and kids have no way of escaping them. All you can do is offer a helping hand, and convince other parents, who would willingly take your help. You can charge for your labour rightfully.

Conduct hobby classes during vacations around art, craft, culinary training, flower arrangement or any other creative affairs.

Trade in metals

Make small investments like gold/ silver and see good opportunity selling them for money. Valuable metals like gold, silver and precious stones have always seen an incremental curve. You might make a good fortune if you buy gold/silver today and sell them after a certain period when the rate has increased.

Trust me, you need to have very good analytic skills, to earn from the metals trade. But, you could start with making small amount of investments, and then jump to higher values.

If you have a flair for share trading, you can risk investing your money in it.

Liked these jobs for homemakers? Read on for more ideas!

Can you be a party planner?

If you are a good event manager offer your skills as a party planner. Are you good at planning and executing parties at your home? Occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and baby showers involve serious planning of decoration, food, managing vendors and finally, videography. If you are a ‘smart working’ woman, you will manage all facts and figures well with the click of a mouse and an excel sheet. Bringing in a touch of professionalism into simple things is what will get you ahead; in fact you should be confident handling challenges and managing all intricate details.  Offer yourself as a party manager, where your friends/relatives/building mates would seek your expert services for their events.

Sell fashion apparel

Be an online business woman if you are a fashionista! Are you obsessed with fashion? Do you have a knack for getting dressed well as well as helping others dress? Perhaps you can convert your passion to a profession. Be an online dealer in fashion garments and accessories. You can create an account in Facebook, WhatsApp and involve your friends to look at the latest fashions. Be a bit more passionate and have your own website. Your friends will definitely seek out your advice on fashion.                                             

Sell real estate

Be a real estate co-agent if you are very well connected in your locality. Are you an extrovert who can mingle well with any type of person? Are you well connected to your locality by all means of socialising? Do you meet new friends who often have the issue of searching for new homes?  Well, you can capitalise on all these factors and recommend a real estate agent known to you. The agent will get his client, and the client will get a new home. Don’t you feel this is a great mediating job? Well, you can ask the agent to pay you some amount as commission, and keep giving him new clients on a regular basis.

Your social circle will definitely draw you some more prospective clients looking for accommodation.

Be an insurance agent

Are you good at finance? Do you have a strong social circle? It’s a chance to be an insurance agent. Your knowledge on finance can definitely impress any person who’s planning a good savings policy during the financial year end. But, once you become an agent, you will have to be very much target focused.

Sell your photography/ videography skills

Are you a creative person? Do you love nature, still objects and photography? You might convert your passion to a profession. Be it a school or community event, you are always ready with your camera clicking and video graphing the best moments.

If you have a fair knowledge of video editing, that will be an added advantage. Selling photographs and editing videos can give you immense pleasure as well as some cash in hand.

The core idea in life is to appreciate the talent in you, no matter what you have. Let’s not waste any part of this valuable life!

Do you have any other suggestions for part-time jobs for homemakers to earn their own monies? Leave a note in the comments below!

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