4 Simple Work Life Balance Tips Though It’s Not Always Easy!

These simple work life balance tips look at how we can maintain our sanity in the struggle between demands at work and home. 

Some people say that it’s easy for them to maintain a balance between their work and their personal lives. However, in a new age of intense work conditions, many people find it difficult to cope with their job requirements as well as personal lives.

This could become strenuous if not properly handled and adequately balanced. Today various jobs, whether in Indian companies or multi-national companies (MNCs) demand the employee’s 24*7 availability at work with of course, new technologies and software too emerging on the scene.

Many of us want to reach the top and to excel at our careers, but in this quest, a person’s personal life is likely to be affected, leading to their losing out on mental and physical well-being.

People think that working 24*7, in order to gain recognition and to be made a benchmark for success, is not a big problem or issue, but it has its own impact when one is not able to connect with loved ones; in fact, we don’t have time for themselves too.

The most important thing we need is to develop the mental and emotional capacity and the right attitude to deal with challenges in one’s professional as well as personal life.

Simple work life balance tips

There are ways to achieve and maintain healthy personal relationships along with outstanding career growth. Here are some work life balance tips that I feel will be useful:

  1. Identifying your role and the demands on us (for men as well as for women), in our respective jobs is essential to achieve the right mindset.
  2. Taking out time for yourself, and finding some free time out of a busy day; atleast an hour to refresh one’s mind to enhance creativity and productivity at work.
  3. Being present in the moment, physically and mentally to fully enjoy the time at work or with family and friends. It would help you in widening your perspective, thought process and creative thinking which in turn helps in problem solving, whether for professional or personal matters.
  4. Next, and the most important thing, which some people rarely do is to unplug from social media and the world around you. It is important as it doesn’t allow you to have clear thoughts or to think about the important things in life which you’ve been wanting to fix or work upon; it also results in neglecting the personal space to revive what’s happening in your own life.

These become important especially for ambitious women with the capability of thinking and dreaming high. There is no denying that women have more hurdles such as taking care of children or elderly people in the family. However, having a supportive family by one’s side can definitely help overcome these hurdles. It is important for us to value our work just as we value each and every precious family member. I believe that a working mother is a good example for the kids, since they gain in confidence and independence by seeing their mother handling various tasks at different times. As women we shouldn’t underestimate ourselves – we are often capable of doing more than we think.

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It is true that it sometimes becomes really difficult to be equally present in our professional and personal lives. We try our best, that our work or our family doesn’t miss out on us. But as the saying goes, ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’. I believe that there’s always some or other way, but we have to keep our senses working to see the coming opportunity. So let’s give the best of who we are, and enjoy and live up to every moment!

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