Don’t Let Fatigue Get You Down. Recognise The Reasons And Tackle Them NOW

Feeling tired all the time? It can be fatigue. The reasons could be many. Identify them, and get treatment to get back to your usual self.

Feeling tired all the time? It can be fatigue. The reasons could be many. Identify them, and get treatment to get back to your usual self.

When we take breaks in our work that can refresh us and help make up for lost productivity it can be called a productivity break. But what about that uneasy feeling and sluggishness which, even after taking a break, doesn’t help us get through? This is fatigue.

Fatigue in medical terms is extreme tiredness in which a person runs out of his/her energy along with a reduced desire to work, making physical as well as mental health suffer. Many people think that their eating habits or the imbalance brought about by their lifestyles are the major causes leading to fatigue. But these are mainly the effects of being brought down by physical as well as mental conditions of a person.

Let us look at the causes.

The food we eat

Lack of essential nutrients in the food we eat, could cause the tiredness in us. So the focus should not be only on taste, as in junk food, but also in nutritional value.

Lack of Sleep (Insomnia)

When we aren’t able to take proper rest and get the appropriate amount of sleep. There could be many reasons for this, and it is important to identify them so that we can treat them.


Another cause can be being low from inside or facing anxiety, as feeling down emotionally generates sluggishness and inertia, slowing down mental as well as physical reaction to anything.


When a person has an imbalance of sugar levels which makes energy levels fall, directly causing fatigue.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This syndrome could be caused by a whole host of conditions, and it is difficult to pin point the reasons. There is a complete draining of energy, and the person suffers fatigue that is not really related to any kind of exertion, and the symptoms are usually present for 6 months or more when diagnosis is made.


This type of condition is when the thyroid remains under-active, which slows down the metabolism resulting in a disturbance in bodily functions. This eventually produces and give rise to depression along with fatigue.

Dehydration or electrolyte imbalance

Lowering of water level in the body, as well as an imbalance of electrolytes, which happens could also promote fatigue special care is to be taken during summer.

After an illness

Fatigue sets in, and the person might need time for recovery.

It is important to identify the causes, and give appropriate treatment.

Some of the common solutions are:

Treating underlying disorders

Extremely important – once the reasons have been identified, it can only be tackled by proper treatment.

Vitamin C

Intake of vitamin C commonly found in citrus fruits regenerates energy and refreshes the body regaining that instant energy needed to a tired body.


Another formula is to get going and exercise to keep you active all day long, as it would give a boost to feel good hormones and the blood supply, and helps give energy for a long time.

Energy drinks

For general fatigue, energy drinks that have essential nutrients work well, and sometimes it is all you need to keep yourself going.

Eating food rich in magnesium

Intake of green vegetables, fish, whole grains helps the body to build up your magnesium level.


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