Is Dealing With Or Having A Frozen Shoulder Your Worst Nightmare?

Having the condition of a Frozen Shoulder is often ignored as minor pain, but if not paid attention to, it can turn worse. Read all about it here!

Having the condition of a Frozen Shoulder is often ignored as minor pain, but if not paid attention to, it can turn worse. Read all about it here!

The title of the article literally depicts in clear sense the problem of having a Frozen Shoulder. For the people suffering, it’s really a nightmare, as the condition gets worse at night time, snatching away from one all the sleep and sweet dreams. This is due to their experience of all-time pain which causes stiffness in the joint muscle when one tries to move it around. The human body is relatable to a machine so when the machine breaks down, it causes a vast impact on other work in the factory as well.

The same case is that with a human body: when any part of it doesn’t work properly, the whole body seems to deactivate itself and concentrate on the affected part that has been slowed down or damaged, and is soon likely to turn into a big hindrance in the proper working of other parts too. A weak body or bearing in itself a feeling of inflamed pain is something that nobody wants to go through for long. Simply because you can’t be able to be a lively and productive person while being in pain. And pain or recurring ache in any part of your body actively slows down your potential to give out your best at that moment. Likewise, in case of a “Frozen Shoulder”, it shouldn’t be tolerated, as its pain worsens and could last up to years.

Having immense pain in the shoulder joint can, at times, make you stop doing work, due to a bad shoulder. Some people at the initial stage, when the pain occurs often, tend to think that maybe it has started due to the stretching exercises they do, or due to a hit while indulging in sports, and all in one reason people also like to give: due to sleeping on one arm for a long time. But once you start digging down deeper, the real cause of the problem gets unearthed to a different time. Basically, the problem and the pain starts in the shoulder joint, and it’s not at all necessary that a person could be of certain age or a youngster. But most commonly, frozen shoulder arises in many people ageing between 40-60 years. A frozen shoulder could also show its milder signs in growing adults.

This is how a minor problem, that we all know about, takes a big turn. Three bones, i.e., Humerus, Shoulder Blade(Scapula) and the Collarbone(Clavicle) adjoin each other to form a ball and socket joint supported by a tissue. This shoulder capsule is where the pain grows acute when the synovial named fluid, which facilitates the shoulder joint’s movement, is being produced in little amount, hence, making the overall and joint motion less smooth.

When the shoulder itself cannot take the necessary movements and shoulder tissue becomes thick and tight, it promotes stiffness as a whole, making frozen shoulder case worse. Along with it, the surrounded shoulder muscles might feel like being in pain. In this recurring process, it also slowly hijacks the muscles affecting the upper arm, making it for a person harder to even sleep at night. The frozen shoulder process is not as minor as one could think, it comprises of three phases:

The Starting Phase (Freezing Stage)

  • In this stage, it starts developing pain on its own, one can’t imagine why the pain in the shoulder rose up and persists.Sometimes it increases in severity and at any point of time, it can appear with a movement of the shoulder.
  • Gradually, it could take its worse form, hurting mainly at nights, when someone is trying to sleep.
  • The duration of this phase is understood to be up to 9 months and within the completion of time, it diminishes the motion of your shoulder.

The Middle Paining Phase (Frozen Stage)

  • In this stage, it becomes more difficult to move the shoulder while doing the daily routine work and becomes more stiff with time.
  • Its duration of this phase is usually up to a year.

The Setting Back Phase ( Thawing Stage)

  • At this ending stage, the shoulder gradually sets in the motion gradually from little movement to normal use of the shoulder, it could take even two years for doing any work without the fear of pain.

There is no certain reason stated for developing a severe frozen shoulder as per the orthopedists say across the world. Frozen shoulder develops itself in a medical condition, that affects majorly the females aging from 40s-70s. It has a high probability of affecting the patients who are in their recovering stages after a stroke or a surgery, which demands hours of rest from their bodies.

Another reason may be when a person is suffering from diabetes or specific kind of heart disease, or even Parkinson’s, these ailments may even increase chances of getting a frozen shoulder.

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A frozen shoulder may be triggered or initiated by any one of the above disease or condition. Though when it comes up to the diagnosis and treatment, the respective doctor could further advise getting a medical examination done through the ways of Ultrasound or X-Rays. Some even advise, seeing the severity of pain, to get an MRI done to take a deep look at the factors of pain in the shoulder.

Going to a reliable doctor or physiotherapist who can prescribe some relevant medications to head out pain along with some suggested stretching exercises and therapy which could bring relaxation to the shoulder joint muscles, at least for a while.

Medications include:

  • Aspirin
  • Ibuprofen (Basically to reduce the amount of inflammation caused by relation to a frozen shoulder)

Surgical Methods includes:

  • One of the usual surgical treatment involves Joint Distension in which a doctor with the help of injection injects sterile water in the shoulder joint capsule in the sense to lengthen the inside tissue to discover the range of movement for the affected shoulder.
  • Another method involves Shoulder Manipulation that includes giving an anesthetic injection to the patient in the shoulder joint to numb the pain, afterward actively diagnosing the range of motion up to the limit the shoulder could be extended.

While it’s common to take up medications and relevant surgical methods if needed, but before going up for any major and advanced treatment it’s highly recommended to try out some of the natural remedies for ‘Adhesive Capsulitis’ condition, known as Frozen Shoulder, to save your time, and effort to get cured.

Some of the applicable remedies, which surely provides relief within time are :

Consuming Magnesium:

‘Magnesium’ plays a vital role in joints and retaining their fiber health in the body, which proves essential for every particular movement inside the body. Best sources – Beans, Nuts, Fish, Leafy Vegetables.

Tip: For a quick relief, a medicated spray containing magnesium can be sprayed on the shoulder joint.

Natural healing agent “Turmeric”:

It has been proved essential when it comes to relieving strong pain and is also one of the anti-inflammatories, during the pain, turmeric helps to reduce inflammation improving health and skin related issues.

Vitamin D for keeping bone health:

It helps to maintain and retain calcium essential for bones and joints. Best sources – Fish, Orange Juice, Cheese, Almonds.

Tip: Taking supplements of Vitamin D can also be beneficial.

These are some of the ways to treat “Frozen Shoulder” in a hassle free way. Hope that helps you identify the problem before it goes out of control.


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