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How Influencer Marketing Can Be A Lucrative Career Option For Women

Influencer marketing is emerging as a lucrative career option for women. Here is all that you wanted to know to make it big as an infuencer.

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Why Emotional Intelligence Is The Thing You Need Right Now

The only way to build mental health and form meaningful relationships is to practice emotional hygiene. Try to be aware of your moods and emotions and take responsibility of your own well being.

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Is Dealing With Or Having A Frozen Shoulder Your Worst Nightmare?

Having the condition of a Frozen Shoulder is often ignored as minor pain, but if not paid attention to, it can turn worse. Read all about it here!

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smart investment decisions
Ladies, Make Some Smart Investment Decisions In The New Year!

Investments have always been a male-dominated area. Time to change that. Here are some tips for a woman to make smart investment decisions!

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seasonal affective disorder
So It’s Chilly Winter. Are You Ready To Counter Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

Winter is here making us feel lazy, some even suffering from winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Here are some tips to help you beat it.

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Don’t Let Fatigue Get You Down. Recognise The Reasons And Tackle Them NOW

Feeling tired all the time? It can be fatigue. The reasons could be many. Identify them, and get treatment to get back to your usual self.

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How To Avoid Unnecessary Misunderstandings At Work & Be Your Calmest Self

Misunderstandings at work are often a result of assumptions made by one person or another. Here's how to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding at work.

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4 Pros And 4 Challenges Of Creating A Personal Brand – Learn More!

Personal Branding has become important today; are you up to date with the concept of the personal brand?

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Your Morning Face Wants To Make You Aware About Your Internal Well Being, Let’s See How?

Our face can literally be the mirror to our health, if you know where to look. Read to know what your morning face has been trying to tell you.

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3 Simple Steps To Promote Your Business Through A Facebook Business Page

Having a Facebook business page and maintaining it well is essential for entrepreneurs today.

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apps for women
10 Smart Apps For Women That Could Make Life Easy For The Modern Indian Woman

From among the ton of apps available today, these 10 apps for women could be considered essential for the modern woman.

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4 Simple Ways To Become A Faster Learner (And Remember More!)

Being a faster learner who remembers more, can help you at work or college. Here are some tried and tested learning methods.

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Monsoon Season On Our Heads! Make It Simply Great By Taking Care Of These Simple Things

With the monsoon season coming up, its time for hot chai and pakodas, but also for seasonal infections. Stay safe and happy with these simple tips.

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thyroid malfunction
How To Deal With Thyroid Malfunction [Besides Your Medical Treatment]

Thyroid malfunction can be a bigger deal in women with all their other hormonal cycles being affected, and closely interlinked with Polycystic Ovarian Disorder.

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Is Homeschooling A Good Choice For You And Your Child?

When we think of children's education, we do not think beyond good schools. But homeschooling is slowly gaining many takers, even in India.

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This Summer Vacation Make Your Child Learn The Benefits Of Budgeting From An Early Age

For nurturing a successful future, simple and intelligent steps need to be taken now, including - learning the benefits of budgeting.

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Can Be Extra Stressful To An Affected Teen But There Are Ways To Deal With It

PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome can cause a lot of distress, especially among younger women, but there are ways to deal with it. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is mostly diagnosed in girls and women aged between 15-44 years of age. It could even start during puberty. Though the cause has not been pinpointed yet, it […]

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Summer & Sensitive Skin: 6 Useful Tips To Avoid That Unpleasant Burning Feeling

With peak summer upon us, it's time for those of us with sensitive skin, to look at a different skin care routine! Here are some good tips for summer care.

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It’s Possible To Tackle Your OCD With Acceptance And Some Perseverance

OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a very real thing leading to repetitive meaningless actions, and can be socially very distressing.

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4 Simple Work Life Balance Tips Though It’s Not Always Easy!

These simple work life balance tips look at how we can maintain our sanity in the struggle between demands at work and home.  Some people say that it’s easy for them to maintain a balance between their work and their personal lives. However, in a new age of intense work conditions, many people find it difficult to […]

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