Monsoon Season On Our Heads! Make It Simply Great By Taking Care Of These Simple Things

With the monsoon season coming up, its time for hot chai and pakodas, but also for seasonal infections. Stay safe and happy with these simple tips.

With the monsoon season coming up, its time for hot chai and pakodas, but also for seasonal infections and the flu. Stay safe and happy with these simple tips.

It’s monsoon season and the the feeling of being over-energized overtakes us, bouncing inside us, making us feel like little, carefree toddlers. This is the moment when the smell of light, wet soil rises up our noses, and that cool breeze gently touches our skin. That feeling when the monsoon season is right on our heads, after the harsh, long and scorching glaze of the summer sun and its heat! It gives us the feeling of some kind of unknown and unexpressed happiness, since as we all know, the first role of monsoon is to demolish the burning heat of summer.

When the monsoon is near, it brings about a kind of windy breeze, a cloudy mist and a happy feeling to the gut as it brings out a fantastic view in front of our eyes – moving clouds, splattering rain showers, thunder strikes, trees and leaves making a humble vow, the joy of seeing tiny insects, the dim light giving peace to eyes and above all, a feeling of relief from the burning heat of the sun. Kids and adults alike get into a kind of sleepy mood, wanting to relax in this season.

Expressive rain lovers would be happy simply seeing the rain, and through those water droplets, drenched buildings, schools, gardens, parks, roads and water dripping out from the street lights. But for those people who don’t like the rainy season, they feel as though everything around themselves is wet, sticky and dirty. Of course we can’t make people change their views or perception. But we, being the connoisseurs of all things beautiful, try to be dissolved in the beauty of the monsoons in a single glance.

Here’s how you enjoy monsoon season

We all have our own ways of enjoying the refreshing monsoon and the amazing weather around us. As the monsoon arrives, everybody feels like keeping their work aside, to get lost in the sprinkling of water. The rain creates a cooling effect on our minds, makes up our mood and help to relax and do some leisure activities. Rains also bring up the ‘little kid’ which is hidden inside all of us, regardless of our age. There is a list of amazing things we can enthusiastically do in the monsoons, to enjoy the beautiful weather even more:

  • Having a cup of hot tea with your favourite snacks.
  • Listening to your favourite music and getting your mood to lift up, making you feel calmer.
  • Lying back and seeing amazing scenarios or watching birds or pets enjoying the weather.
  • Giving a nice treat to your mouth-watering desires and enjoying tempting tastes by eating spicy hot street food and gorging on bhuttas
  • Go for walks specially evening walks, if you really have green fields around you, so that the bright colors soothe your eyes and minds coupled with that mild, muddy smell representing the natural environment.
  • Get out of your house and get yourself wet in the rains. It will make you feel naturally cool.
  • Taking photographs of different things and make a collection of your monsoon memories.

It is said that excess of everything is bad, no matter however much sweet it is. The same can be said for the monsoons. While we do get some relief from summer sweats, excessive exposure to rains might cause ill effects on our health which may ruin our plans for the monsoons. Maintenance of our health during monsoons is a must and should be handled with utmost diligence.

Stay safe during the monsoon!

So here are some preparation tips, to enjoy your monsoons, hassle-free:

  1. Have seasonal fruits to enable your body’s retention power and resistance against any possible infections.
  2. Consumption of yogurt to have light but full feeling within the gut.
  3. Special attention to be paid in case of children. Give them purified water. It is essentially for them to have a correct pH balance in their bodies. It is important to keep our bodies well hydrated, at all times.
  4. The tangy taste and spicy flavour of street food is irresistible. But one must be cautious as these food items might cause many issues like blow outs on your skin and irritation. The humidity brought in by rains leaves our skin sticky and oily, so one must be careful.
  5. Take appropriate care of skin by regular washing, cleaning and cleansing to avoid breakouts on your skin which usually happens during this season, and shower daily, if you are continuously getting in contact with rain.
  6. While showering, use mild shampoo/natural shampoo, and most importantly, avoid using conditioners, as the humid weather might produce a damaging effect on your hair and scalp.
  7. Intake of soups and salads in this season helps combating viral infections.
  8. Eat the following healthy foods, which facilitate our body in fighting from infections during monsoons:
  • Sprouts (As a dietary fiber, necessary for promoting hair growth in rains, a necessary source of proteins and Vitamin A)
  • Garlic (It has anti-bacterial properties, good for heart, a secretive agent helps in purification of blood)
  • Fenugreek Seeds (Help in relieving from fever, restoring loss of taste, helps in treating stomach problems)
  • Herbal Teas (Good source of anti-oxidants, helps in maintaining skins, giving a light feeling from inside).

Enjoy this Monsoon season in the healthiest way!

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