How Influencer Marketing Can Be A Lucrative Career Option For Women

Influencer marketing is emerging as a lucrative career option for women. Here is all that you wanted to know to make it big as an infuencer.

Whether you want to create your personal brand or you most likely link yourself with the brand of your choice, then this article will probably entice and interest you to know more than how your popular brand is becoming and referred as the top in the market carrying numerous hits by its following through digital platforms. As well as there could be a vital chance for today’s woman to enter this space, specifically when it is coming to marketing choices.

It is really astonishing how all industries are exceeding their potential and diversifying their reach through following technological advancements. At present, we can all see websites on internet bombarded by different advertisements and visuals you get through algorithms which internet tracks on the basis of your visits and behaviour on screen. When it comes to marketing products and services through digital media and social networking sites, being competitive becomes crucial to highlight your brand’s sustainability and retainability. I am going to tell about this one kind of marketing technique, i.e. Influencer Marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing And Its Model

Influencer Marketing is the marketing technique through which companies takes help from influencers to address and target potential consumers for their brand through different types of online media. In more simple words, the influencers or the people who possess specific knowledge for the product or service they are advertising to influence and retain followers for their brand by displaying valuable content to create and build trust amongst people for the popularity of a particular brand.

It sounds somewhere related to endorsements by celebrities or famous activists doing promotion and holding campaigns but here influencer carries insights, promotes brand’s uniqueness and saleability through content marketing and works through a strategy to turns leads into sales by gaining followers.

In the following years, influencer marketing is expected to earn a profitable market share contributing to the economy. For their marketing campaigns and efforts being put to pull out promotion, companies get Earned Media Value (EMV) as a measure in terms of ROI on any currency they spend on promotional activities through influencer marketing. The outcome will be like a value of $5 per dollar companies’ spend for holding campaigns. The businesses who have detailed knowledge about the power of ‘influence’ could reach the break-even point and even companies couldn’t make that much return if influencers in some cases are unable to connect with the targeted audience.

How Social Media becomes a great support for Marketing?

Some researchers say, “Influencer Marketing” wouldn’t be as effective as other marketing techniques. But in the last few years, influencer marketing has been highly adopted and practiced in the form of marketing through social networking sites. More influencer marketing agencies have been created in the past two years with semblance to the growing demand.

‘Instagram’ is becoming popular as a medium for influencers to say their words with 500+ million active users on this application every month. In fact the term ‘influencer marketing’ is searched when it comes to marketing campaigns for products, this term is highly searched on search engines over the last five years. Yes, it is a popular form of marketing being used and being held on social media accounts.

Types of Influencer Marketing

Influencers and companies being involved into organizing marketing campaigns for promotional activities through social media outlets need to adapt a different way to hold out from other influencer marketing agencies to get maximum reach and traction from a large network.

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For influencer marketing companies adopting different strategies in association with social media influencers is a way to reach out to a larger base.

  1. Sponsor Social Media Content and Blog Posts

It’s one of the practices that companies want social media influencers and bloggers to do. By sponsoring, here it means popular bloggers or influencers can get paid for doing promotion of company’s products through creating or offering content (including featured contests and photographs) to influence potential customers to check out blog posts in association with similar product pages.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

As like influencer marketing, affiliate marketing is a part of the show. It could also be included as a technique between brands and influencers when one company comes under a partnership with another to include their products/items on their site’s page. There’s benefit included for all the parties including influencers also, as they can get a commission on every sale.

  1. Takeaways

It’s another tactic for influencer marketing through which one consumer could help another to connect for the overall benefit of the company and to people by the way of holding on page contests or quizzes for the guaranteed takeaway of assured gifts or prizes. On the other side, the brand information on page comes into attention in front of many people.

  1. Social Media Takeover

This technique gives good results and an increase in earned media value but it is all based upon the content, the influencer wishes to rotate in order to entice consumers for the wanted products. Companies choosing influencer (he/she) takes up all the charge of handling every social media account the company has and they further curate all the content themselves to maximize the sales.

  1. Brand Ambassador

It’s a common marketing technique being used for years but is still highly relevant today also. Companies can provide products and services to people for using and once they become convinced, they could even promote the brand themselves without company’s persuasion needed for.

Why B2C Market is higher impact area than B2B Market?

The most amusing reaction for influencer marketing can be received through consumers. Only the people actually consuming and believing in the brand and company is in itself a result that it’s a ‘promising brand’ standing on people’s choice and need. On the other hand, business market influencers are people who are responsible for delivering content about business prospects and sales. The influencers of the business markets can be analysts, consultants, PRs, academics. Secondly, these are the people who can become replaceable as their roles become limited. In context to that influencers playing the role towards the consumer market along with increasing sales, are mostly responsible for shaping their buying decision.

Impact of Feminine Appearance on Influencer Marketing

One of the most exciting talks around the influencers’ industry is ‘female influencers’ and about how influencer sponsor content is made for woman by a woman. And yes, this thing is true that influencer marketing campaigns run around females more than males. There are major accounts of women influencers with a large base following. It can be seen that fashion, food, lifestyle, fitness bloggers are becoming successful influencers as women. The reason why a woman has command over the influencer industry is most likely the starting itself begun with female models for the advertisement of products and services. Another thing comes into play when females by themselves are a bigger consumer of different things as they firmly believe in testing, trial and approval method. In short, they can persuade other females too for their purchasing decision. Female influencers have their influence over the male following also. Steadily, there stands a career chance for women and the industry which could become a more female-dominated arena.

Can Promotion of a product through this method be Misleading?

Recently some issues popped up regarding brand awareness and the content being viewed by people worldwide. People found the content misleading in a way. Yes, it is so true that at present it takes real effort to lead marketing campaigns and that too maintaining authentic practices in this cut-throat competition in order to remain in the race. But sometimes just to increase brand name, people can even grow sales from having fake social accounts even bots. Such type of practices violates online marketing regulations. Even some of the posts get banned because of ineffective use of influencer marketing campaigns.

Some of the regulations regarding influencer marketing were updated.

  • All the marketing campaigns should disclose content which is really specific in accordance with the product and service.
  • No advertisement will be displayed about the product/service until it is not sponsored. As this is necessary to depict authentic content to gain an organic following.

Niche Influencers are Real Game Savers

Today whenever people want to purchase things, it becomes really easy for them to check reviews online and check its status through social media accounts. Knowing from social media influencers they follow, helps them better to relate with the brand and with their purchase decision. While looking for influencers to endorse their product, companies are preferring influencers at present in their niche community who could be able to maintain that engagement through sharing useful content by giving detailed authentic information based on and around the product. Working with individuals in their niche helps company gets double the amount on ROI with every sale.

Bottom Line

Influencer Marketing is today’s leading marketing style even if there are brands to be promoted or startups looking forward towards recognition in the market place.

More is yet to come!

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