4 Simple Ways To Become A Faster Learner (And Remember More!)

Being a faster learner who remembers more, can help you at work or college. Here are some tried and tested learning methods.

Being a faster learner who remembers more, can help you at work or college. Here are some tried and tested learning methods.

Have you ever faced the problem of not remembering things for very long or spent so much time learning something that it leads you to quit? Have ever failed in something or have a weak grasping power? If so, it’s okay to be not perfect always.

It’s absolutely normal to think your mates are performing better and remembering things in a hassle-free way without taxing their brains to do so. We often become tend to compare ourselves with these smarty pants!

Today, people want to try to participate or become a multi-tasker, to keep on going and gain knowledge of each and every thing. But as far as learning is concerned, each human being has their own style of churning or wheels turning inside their brains to process any information. Nobody is perfect or has been able to achieve a fully perfectionist mode. We are still learning, and whatever knowledge we acquire by reading and understanding things, it definitely has an impact on our lifestyles, our personalities, and our mindset as well.

We are all learners in life, but the only difference lies is that some of us learn and adapt very quickly while some understand and learn at a moderate pace and yet others struggle to learn. People who are struggling to learn for a long time, who are unable to grab a single inch of success by learning, tend to decide that it is an impossible task.

Sometimes, I also go through similar a situation, where things are not in my favour. But the truth is, learning isn’t that big and complicated or a one-shot game only for super intelligent people. In reality, faster learners too are much like us, but have their own styles of adaptation to learning and apply a strategy that helps them learn faster and apply it well to a situation.

As everybody’s grasping power and learning procedure is different, ‘Smartness’ and ‘Quick Learning’ are not really linked to each other; rather it is possible for a faster learner to organize his/her brain in such a manner, that they can easily solve or figure out problems and their most possible solutions.

By learning and making use of these simple yet handy techniques, you would be able to improve in any area of study, whether it is a new language, driving for the first time, or learning any computer courses.

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Jump to an advanced mode of Visualisation

Advanced mode of visualization refers to ‘Viceralization‘ where apart from visualising (the matter to be learned) you make it visceral with unique ways of creation through drawings, paper pictures, formation of mental images inside your head. In this way, you can further form a mental movie in your mind until your brain is connected with the subject matter, and it further excites your brain to keep on moving and creating further interest in learning things.

Use fantastic metaphors

This is what a story writer, teacher or a poet would do to bounce up his/her concepts and explain the abstract. This technique is highly associative with learning and gaining an insight towards your targeted subject matter which you want to remember easily.


Immersification refers to transformation or getting yourself surrounded with the object/matter or thing, and getting all your brain into it to make meaningful sense.


This is a renowned, old and successful technique, which older often people use to remain in touch with the things or lists they make of items. Linking one thing to another with reference to your learning material and constant repetition helps in better and faster recognition.

No doubt, everybody is an absolute learner, some remaining highly intelligent and some suitable with their own speed learning. Don’t be afraid to learn at any stage of your life. Perhaps, even if you have to apply childish tricks to learn, don’t hesitate to do it for your own benefit. These are some proven techniques, just give it a try and yourself you’ll see the difference.

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