Summer & Sensitive Skin: 6 Useful Tips To Avoid That Unpleasant Burning Feeling

With peak summer upon us, it's time for those of us with sensitive skin, to look at a different skin care routine! Here are some good tips for summer care.

With peak summer upon us, it’s time for those of us with sensitive skin, to look at a different skin care routine! Here are some good tips for summer care.

Summer comes along and with it, brings all kinds of delightful activities for people – time to roam about, summer events, vacations for all, in short, a great time to travel and have fun with family and friends as compared to other seasons. My relationship with summer is like that of ‘kisses’ and ‘kicks’. It is a vibrant time to enjoy oneself and yet, has an unpleasant impact on health and as well as skin.

I am talking here about women with sensitive skin, which starts giving them unpleasant vibes and they often come to a rough corner in summer, when their skin starts throwing up irritating signs. At such times, we just wish that the scorching summers should end soon, as our sensitive skin doesn’t tolerate it. Summer and skin have a relationship like that of students and their examinations, which have to be faced despite a feeling of “No, I don’t want to!”

As women or girls, we know best what our skin needs, irrespective of what others may say. We like to ‘be in our own skin’, whether that is to be sometimes calm and composed or at others, daring and bold. Today, girls going to college or working or heading to any event often use makeup or application of colour that matches with their personality, and also gives them the feeling that they are looking attractive. In every girl or women, there is a hidden personality which she would like to bring out at an appropriate time. Everyone deserves it and wants to look good, based on her own wishes.

But girls or women with sensitive skin often can’t use makeup or apply anything else to their face/body. Here summer and its heat plays a role, since forewoman with sensitive skin issues, skin irritation, dryness or several types of skin related concerns and issues arise during summer, which arrives as an uninvited guest. Comparable to others, people with sensitive skin cannot bear to stay for a long time under the sun; of course it is not because that they don’t like to tolerate heat or the sweating, but their skin when exposed to sun gives them early signs of a skin reaction that will happen, like the appearance of light, visibly red lines or a light reddening of skin. Besides being uncomfortable, we may also not want others to see this. People with sensitive skin along with their minimal capacity to bear summer heat, can also can have a reaction to certain foods, which can cause skin allergies or result in skin blotches and irritation.

Yes, it is true that the maintenance of sensitive skin in summer is a slow process and requires perseverance, but if one learns how to take care of delicate skin from environmental factors and foods causing skin reactions promoting inflammation, the person would receive a perfect ‘boon’ for her skin, developing glowing skin over time.

Easy remedies for sensitive skin in summer

Here are some easy remedies for a sensitive skin in summer:

  1. If you want to rely upon sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun, it’s a good option to apply sunscreen before moving out to work or for hanging out. But if you have sensitive skin, you should opt for a sunscreen having ingredients like zinc oxide or mineral formula to get your skin fully protected.
  2. The moisturizing ingredient most suitable for delicate skins is Coconut Oil or Vitamin E Cream as it goes deeply in the skin and help to nourish the skin from within. It has also been proven useful against eczema or psoriasis skin problems. Vitamin E is essential for maintaining the freshness of skin and making it look vibrant and smooth.
  3. All those of us with sensitive skin should use lesser amounts of makeup as possible; if you still want to, use makeup with fewer preservatives which causes lesser skin irritation and do stay away from waterproof cosmetics to an extent.
  4. Use milk or rose water for sensitive skin as they prove to be soothing for your skin and they act as natural cooling ingredients.
  5. Foods like garlic, sweet potatoes, walnuts, and spinach are known to reduce inflammation and can be useful for sensitive skin (besides being healthy in general in any case!)
  6. You can use home-made scrubs or an exfoliation mask using natural fruits and yogurt. Exfoliating skin gently, once in two weeks is useful for sensitive skin to clear away dead skin.

By using some of these summer skin tips, you could help your sensitive skin to revive in this harsh summer season. Let’s win this battle against the scorching summer and let the skin breathe!

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