Is Homeschooling A Good Choice For You And Your Child?

When we think of children's education, we do not think beyond good schools. But homeschooling is slowly gaining many takers, even in India.

When we think of children’s education, we do not think beyond good schools. But homeschooling is slowly gaining many takers, even in India.

Homeschooling is not much known in India, but in other parts of the world, like in the United States and UK, homeschooling for kids and school going students is more common, and there are laws that govern homeschooling. I have seen parents or private tutors teaching children, as their major priority becomes development of their child, based basically on their child’s learning habits, and improving their behaviours in a more familiar setting at home. The basics of education for a homeschooled kid is where their parent lays a foundation towards making it up into a learning pyramid.

Homeschooling adopted by parents for their children essentially helps the children to enhance their growing phase along with parents successfully delivering the role of parenting. Homeschooling requires that specific learning needs of the children be detected by their parents to improve upon.

I am not a parent, but a few of my friends here in the US were homeschooled in their times. I caught up with their parents to realize how and what things matter if you are homeschooling or planning to do for your kids.

Considerations for homeschooling families

Time has to be managed, if parents want to make homeschooling a success for their children. The primary parent, (usually the mother), will have to do a lot of juggling of time at work, handling the household, and keeping the homeschool curriculum on a proper schedule.

If you are in love with your work or are committed to your privacy or quiet life, then be prepared because this way of life could intrude into your personal life and commitments.

Deciding to homeschool, one has to manage financial resources to manage household needs and to finance the requirements – like books, practical lessons, organising necessary field trips, etc.

The parents of homeschoolers should be in complete agreement with each other over it and committed towards it, as cooperation in dividing chores will be necessary. If one of the parents disapproves of homeschooling their child, it can become very difficult.

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And the most important thing to consider, is the willingness of the child to be homeschooled. A child more inclined to go to traditional school with its social life might not adapt so well.

If anybody in your community is getting his/her child homeschooled, then consider discussing with them why they opted for it.

Homeschooling brings about better results, but there is a huge responsibility on the parent to educate their child – their knowledge as well as social behaviour needs to be considered.

So what are the pros and cons of homeschooling?


As there will be no worries about particular school timings, more time can be given to studies and activities for children, without getting their kids as tired as school going children who are often exhausted after school.

Private education has become expensive these days, to the extent that both parents might need to be earning. Homeschooling children can help to a certain extent financially.

Homeschoolers can get the advantage of being interact with their unique interests, which school going kids can’t, as they need to choose from the curriculum their school offers, and also have to spend most evenings doing school homework.

Homeschooling provides flexibility in family time – a lot can be done to work on child’s behaviour and parents can spend time with children on weekdays too.

Homeschoolers gets the advantage of learning life skills and keep their schedule updated and could learn the necessary technique of maintaining their budget.

Schools might not provide moral and religious beliefs that are important to some parents, and they can do this if they homeschool.

If children have any kind of socialization issues, homeschooling parents might find it easier to have them participate in activities like swimming, karate, football, etc. There are also activities which parents can do with their children like bi-cycling, trekking, walking and playing on the beaches, etc.

Parents can tailor the year by year curriculum that suits their schedules and interest, even if based on educational guidelines of the country.

Families who travel or move a lot can find it a boon, especially in countries where school admissions can be problematic.


Preparing the homeschooling curriculum and activity schedules, and often learning new things and skills to teach their children can become exhausting for parents.

One of the parent has to often take full time responsibility for education of their children. Women, especially, have to make sacrifices like letting go of a career for the future of her children, making her financially dependent.

It can make the child socially awkward if proper care is not taken.

Homeschooling can be a whole new ball game. Do give it a try if you think it is the right choice for you and your children.

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